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4th November 2019

ARIES: On the one hand, there can be charming enthusiasm and possibly even a bit of adventure, and you can feel motivated to get something important done or enjoy rousing interactions. As the day moves forward, there can be a tendency to lock heads with others, to instigate, or to attempt to force a matter.
TAURUS: Watch for a tendency to dwell on negative emotions or difficult topics, or to dig in your heels on an issue, leading to an impasse. Obstinacy now can be a symptom of a deeper problem or fear of change, and that doesn’t do anyone, including yourself, any good. It’s best to look to the source of frustrations.
GEMINI: There can be issues related to understanding what a relationship means or its depth of involvement or commitment for some. It may be best to focus your energies on something productive rather than dwell on something that is not going your way.
CANCER: While competition can motivate you to improve your game in certain instances, today’s tense air doesn’t seem to lead to anything positive unless you consciously aim to identify areas of anger and work on resolving them. Coarseness or insensitivity can spoil your mood now, but you also have a lot to learn about yourself and your attachments now.
LEO: Watch that you’re not holding on so tightly to a belief or viewpoint that it begins to consume or trouble you, interfering with healthy interactions. You may not want to budge on an idea, schedule, or method when letting go even temporarily, or being flexible, is probably better for you all around.
VIRGO: Conflicts or frustrations are possible regarding finances, values, and ideas that seem to clash with those of someone in your life, or that stimulate fears. There can be resentments emerging now, and a tendency to push for answers that you may not honestly want to receive in the end.
LIBRA: Today, its harmonious and challenging connections can lead to a whole range of experiences in these areas. On the one hand, you can feel inspired to take charge of your life, but on the other, you might struggle a little with how to manage excess energy effectively.
SCORPIO: It’s a good time to clear the decks for new beginnings. You can be quite motivated and feeling passionate about taking action on a matter that’s important to you today. Aim to use frustration or anger to motivate you to improve something in your life that’s truly helpful for you rather than waste time on resentment.
SAGITTARIUS: Consider that any anger or frustration that emerges today can point you in the right direction as to what needs healing and resolution. You can learn a great deal about yourself and your relationships through the differences you see now. In the process, aim to see why people may be acting out.
CAPRICORN: There’s a tendency to become so focused on a matter that you fail to see other options. It works out fine if you use it to push forward a productive goal, or if you pour your passion into something that genuinely needs undivided attention. However, if you’re dwelling on something that is not yet ready to push forward, problems can ensue.
AQUARIUS: Following an idea can fuel your enthusiasm in your interactions with others, or it can contribute to a fabulous new goal or plan. However, there is a tendency to fixate or dwell on a topic even if it’s not working for you, and perhaps even if it’s frustrating you immensely!
PISCES: What starts as a passionate feeling about something or someone could quickly turn into frustration. Avoid senseless power struggles with others, but feel and attempt to understand any darker matter that surfaces from deep inside.