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4th November 2018

ARIES: A lover’s quarrel is likely followed by a passionate kiss-and-make-up session. Athletes among you will find today is perfect for getting out all your frustrations while engaging in your sport. Those with children will find them a bit rambunctious, so urge them to take safety precautions.
TAURUS: This is the perfect time to express your true self in some way, especially if it involves something arty, sporty or dramatic. This is no time to stand in the shadows – your place is in the limelight!
GEMINI: Your intuition is powerfully awakened and a sudden attraction may bear fruit. You may suddenly begin a new romance, or just as suddenly break off with a romantic partner. No one expects this, least of all you. Unusual or nontraditional romantic situations are in the mix, so if you throw caution to the wind, take a deep breath before you dive.
CANCER: Stars gives you renewed emotional strength. Your charm and magnetism are strong, a night at home with your love would be perfect!
LEO: Some of these emotions may be overpowering, so try not to let yourself get carried away. On the positive side, you should be able to persuade others to your point of view with very little effort.
VIRGO: This is a time for regeneration and reflection. Do what you can to recharge your spiritual batteries, whether it is attend a religious worship service, go for a long walk in the park, or spend the evening curled up in bed with a good book.
LIBRA: The connection between you and a lover can be very strong, but you may be frustrated in your attempts to express yourself. the stars players in your cosmos, are in perfect harmony. So make the most of the beautiful energy and dream wonderful dreams together.
SCORPIO: The opportunity for healing deep emotional wounds exists. Often it is the little things that bring us to our higher ground, so don’t overlook these chances. Maybe spending an hour with an older person if you are young or a younger person if you are of mature years will help remind you of the topsy-turvy beauty in life.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be frustrated in your attempts at pleasure, causing tension today. This just may be one of those days when every time you try to relax and enjoy yourself, the phone rings and reality rears its ugly head.
CAPRICORN: Good news! The accent is on your love life and creativity, and it looks as though there’s plenty of enjoyment in the pipeline for you. Start by arranging some social activities so you’ve got something to look forward to.
AQUARIUS: Money matters may be very important to you. Strong feelings about what you have and what you want may dominate. financial issues and the way you assign your priorities will affect your domestic environment.
PISCES: Your powers of communication are superb today. Self-expression is the key and romance is definitely in the air, although what you say may be less obvious than what your body language reveals. Daydreams and fantasies may be irresistible now as your imagination runs wild.