4th June 2018


ARIES: This is the period when extra effort is required to put your life on the path of success and smooth sailing. External forces incline you to express thoughts you have been keeping to yourself in the hope of avoiding confrontation
TAURUS: Just close your mind to every other thing and leave no task unfinished. Dispel any pervading pessimism. There is so much going on you can barely keep up. You’re not going to have time to call anyone back today.
GEMINI: Though you will have to pass through many tough situations by the end of the day your efforts shall be appreciated. The monetary rewards shall not be in proportion to efforts put in.
CANCER: Impatience does not serve you well so tread carefully, so use your logic to assess the situation first. Don’t make rash decisions. Separate yourself from serious matters and unwind with some friends.
LEO: Do what pleases you, in company or solo, but lighten your load by switching off the heavy thoughts. After the heavy spending of the previous few days liquid cash may be a problem.
VIRGO: An ambitious day as you take the necessary action to create the environment you seek. The improvement in the income level shall be supported by the environmental support during the current period.
LIBRA: You must curb your desires; so do not relax and take up what you wish to leave for tomorrow. Be wary of spending too heavily, especially on that special item designed to improve your daily space.
SCORPIO: Take all decisions with care as a little carelessness might cost you, dear. A romantic glow surrounds your thoughts as you ponder past loves, lost dreams and fond memories. Just go with the flow and go easy on yourself as well.
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t make impulsive decisions and negative assumptions as this mood will soon pass. You must curb your desire to spend money.
CAPRICORN: Today, you state your case with calm conviction with only your higher good in mind. The pace slows and your energy is low, so take it easy where you can.
AQUARIUS: You will find a lot of support within your own team and will feel that destiny is also favouring you. Someone who is just a friend may have stronger feelings towards you. A little give-and-take is in order.
PISCES: Your thought processes and desires are evolving; the past seems like yesterday, yet so far away. The money scene will be good. Gifts and windfall gains are also on the cards.