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4th January 2019

ARIES: This is the time when you should switch on your charm and let nature take its own course. Where money is concerned, there will be very lucrative intuitions today Windfall gains are not ruled out either. In love, you will be the best and if you are looking for a mate, the connection is more probable through your work area.
TAURUS: You will be full of self confidence and zeal. Today will see you taking bold and independent steps towards your ambitions and creating your own desire into a reality. It will not be the recognition of your past achievements; rather your action now will decree your success.
GEMINI: Today you must be cautious in your interaction with your colleagues. Do not get into needless confrontations. If there are issues then let the matter be solved with time and patience. Otherwise, you will surely endanger your relationship in testing grounds. If there are mistakes treat them in an amiable manner.
CANCER: You will be secure and there may be new job opportunities in the horizon. Your health will be in shape and you will attract other members of the sex with your sex appeal and magnetic energy. This is trouble for your committed relationship. So be careful and do not act naïve when you are in a spot.
LEO: You will have to maintain a perfectly balanced view where others will have their say and this must be heard and headed as well. Your own efforts will be the vehicle that will carry you forward but the gate of success will finally depend on your interactions with others. In some ways, your team spirit will see you through.
VIRGO: There may be some moments when you may face a crisis situation but you will overcome these. Family will need equal attention if you wish to maintain peace at home. Those in a long term serious relationship will uphold values that count the most in a relationship. Health must have special care and donot neglect it under any pretext.
LIBRA: You will remain calm and poised to attain maximum mileage of your efforts at work place. If you are a student, special interaction and guidance is required from teachers. Be assertive and say what you would want from them. This goes for those in a situation in career matters.
SCORPIO: You will be in a happy and light hearted mood. You will be rewarded by positive stimulation at your work place and there will be plenty to keep you on your toes. If you wish to maximize this period, downplay your own opinion and keep abreast of what is most popular by demand.
SAGITTARIUS: Your finances seem quite strong today. There are changes in the offing in the realm of superiors; in the practical life it may indicate a shift of responsibility, transfer to another department or a job change. there is a self assertive mood which is blowing your inspirations to a level of optimism which may need some control.
CAPRICORN: You will be much more relaxed today. Career matters will not induce any frenzied activities and there will be a smooth flow where you will do the best leisurely yet with confidence. There will be joy in your heart and you would be interested in making certain personal developments as well.
AQUARIUS: Matters related to money and speculations should be very carefully conducted. There should be no hesitations when the going is good but stay clear of people who give unwanted advice. Love and romance look very rosy for one who is looking for simple fun but be on your guard about casual physical relationships.
PISCES: You will be ambitious and actually can count upon tapping a lot of opportunities. Your motivation and enthusiasm will be very high and this factor will help you to overcome most of the obstacles and impediments, which may arise.