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4th December 2019

ARIES: You are more prone to diving deeply into your own sensual and erotic nature right now. In some area of your life that you are trying to get a handle on, sexuality and the release of this power within may be the key now. Explore and shed some of your outdated beliefs and experiment a little more.
TAURUS: If you aren’t feeling well it’s best to postpone an outing especially if you’ll be in a different environment. You may have more work on your plate than you can handle. Look at things objectively. The work isn’t due to be finished for weeks. Pace yourself and stop worrying.
GEMINI: If any legal or bureaucratic issues are bothering you, you need to put them to bed now. But this is not going to happen by magic. There is a distinct need to investigate clearly before drawing any conclusions. There is power in keeping your intentions close to your chest today.
CANCER: Speak your mind today and let your voice be heard on any situation you’ve been bottling up over some time. You’re keen and alert and can express yourself well. It’s an excellent time to initiate discussions and communication, but you may be so intent on getting your message across that you don’t listen to what anyone else has to say.
LEO: If you are unaware of a subject you can hardly expect to jump to the next level. Improve your skills before moving forward. If you’re being challenged by someone, you have an opportunity to negotiate with them. It will be a test of your character.
VIRGO: Finances are moving into the black again but probably too slow for you. You’re not out of financial pressure yet. Be patient as the planets move into a more harmonious condition and your shared resources are back on track.
LIBRA: This is a time of great social activity in your life but also when the intellectual and emotional needs are undergoing a dramatic change. Relationship commitments versus social needs may come into conflict as you try to work out how to balance both.
SCORPIO: You are currently challenged by your karma. This means you are fully aware that your past is catching up with you and that if you’ve made decisions based upon incorrect conceptions or expectations, this will now be coming back to haunt you.
SAGITTARIUS: Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. Today you could be greedy to assimilate more than your mind can digest. Also, are you sure you want to know about what you seek? In the matter of relationships and friendships, sometimes it’s best to let the past simply be.
CAPRICORN: Sometimes a wound, especially of emotional nature isn’t easily healed particularly if you can’t quite reconnect with someone. You’ll be seeking ways to release yourself from the past and that may or may not be with the consent or involvement of any third-party.
AQUARIUS: If you are too honest about your opinions, you may insult someone. Emotions seem to be running much higher than normal. You need to be clever in giving your side of the story. Diplomacy is your keyword today.
PISCES: Be careful that you’re not over-emphasising your financial woes to others right now. Indulge your desires today but be sure that those you indulge have the same level of needs, otherwise, you will remain frustrated. It’s not the appropriate time to go on a trip or expedition and your intuition tells you this.