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4th August 2019

ARIES: You can share your concepts, put forward bold new plans and get the support you need from others. Execute your ideas with confidence. Don’t become too needy in your relationships or you’ll lose power and the ability to negotiate in your own favour.
TAURUS: You could be opposed because of someone’s envy towards you. This will simply reflect their own poor self-esteem. Don’t be drawn into defending your successes. Your words have more power during this phase, so schedule meetings and utilise this to your advantage.
GEMINI: You may need to go undercover today to get something sorted out, especially if it’s in the best interests of the group. Making a strong commitment to someone before getting to know them may cause regret. Ask serious questions.
CANCER: You could have a breakthrough today and after a considerable challenge or obstacle from those around you, this will be a welcome relief. A practical ideal will start to take shape can make you feel excited and hopeful for the future developments of your creative concepts.
LEO: It’s an intense day today with a great deal of unconscious energy impacting upon your personal and work relationships. Attention should be given to your work exclusively or you may not perform as well as you can and should.
VIRGO: You could find yourself feeling more independent, especially if you’ve distanced yourself from your usual friends or peer group. You’re now outgrowing people and is no shame in admitting this to yourself so that you can empower yourself to bigger and better things.
LIBRA: Plans may not be working out but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Drill down into the details of your issue and you’ll find that things aren’t so bad if you look with the proper perspective. Transportation can take on a whole new complexion as you try to work out a better means of travel or of cutting back costs on fuel etc.
SCORPIO: Grab the opportunity to be more innovative now. Get ready also for an upcoming opportunity. try to pay little attention to those people or circumstances causing you to be reactive in your professional sphere especially if you’re dealing with members of the opposite sex.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have unique hassles don’t expect to find a standard solution to the problem. This will probably worry you but why not consider that finding unusual solutions too tricky issues will exercise your lateral mental processes. This will strengthen you in many different areas.
CAPRICORN: You may do things on a whim today but that’s okay as long as it doesn’t cost money. Your imagination isn’t in sync with the practical reality of things so you need to join the dots between your ideals and day-to-day affairs. Even if you want to play the vanishing game tonight, you may not be able to.
AQUARIUS: You need to explain that the deliverables aren’t deliverable and not in a timeframe that’s expected. You may, therefore, spend money as a form of therapy, and a way of circumventing your frustrations. There is no problem with this as long as your expenses are measured.
PISCES: You feel stressed today and this stems from poor lifestyle habits. You may not be aware of it but this has an impact on your relationships in an indirect way. You have a great deal of energy been coupled with sensitivity. You can make headway in your career by making a convincing case for your argument.