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4th August 2018

ARIES: This is another day for enjoying your social life whenever you get the chance. If you weren’t intending to do anything sociable today, change your mind in order to make the most of this wonderful influence. Arrange a get-together with someone on the spur of the moment or visit a favourite club.
TAURUS: You want to think the best of people today, and you’ll do your utmost to give them the benefit of the doubt or make excuses for them if needs be. This is a sign of your compassion, but unfortunately, there’s a chance that you’re fooling yourself about someone’s motives or character, and are ignoring some nasty but glaring truths.
GEMINI: Today’s is a better day for friendships and plans for the future, so you’d be wise to concentrate as much as possible on these during the week. Make sure you’re open to new ideas as well because some of the concepts that come to you now will be far too good to ignore and you’ll long to get started on them.
CANCER: If you’re hoping that there will soon be some romantic developments with a friend, you have good reason to feel optimistic today. Even if you-know-who doesn’t declare undying love you’ll realize that they aren’t exactly indifferent to your charms. And who can blame them! Calm yourself down by enjoying a favourite hobby.
LEO: You’re in a very moody state of mind and the slightest little thing could set you off. However, you’ll deny this until you’re blue in the face, and will probably blame everyone else for your outbursts of temper. Now, come on! Something is bugging you and it’s making you quietly furious. Admit that it’s happening so you can do something constructive about.
VIRGO: You’re easily swayed by your emotions today, especially if someone plays on your sympathy or you’re feeling guilty about them for some reason. In fact, it will be difficult for you to work out exactly how you are feeling because you’re in a confused and impressionable state. Be wary of anyone who might want to take advantage of your current mood
LIBRA: If you’re typical, you enjoy being the centre of attention, but this won’t always be the case during the coming four weeks. Instead, there will be occasions when you actually prefer to melt into the background and keep a low profile. You’ll also relish the chance to spend some time alone once in a while.
SCORPIO: If a relationship is currently undergoing a transformation, this is an excellent opportunity to talk about what’s going on with the person concerned. You’re in the mood for some in-depth and searching conversation. However, try to resist any temptation to brainwash or badger the other person into seeing things from your point of view, or even to insist that you’re in the right.
SAGITTARIUS: You can win other people over if you sweep them up in your enthusiasm. But if you sound self-righteous they will back away. Be straightforward and cheerful, and others will adore you. There may be less time for depth or detail than you might like. You will be pulled in different directions with much more correspondence than usual to handle.
CAPRICORN: Your energy levels start to rise from today, and they’ll keep you in fine fettle till day end. This is a super chance to push ahead with any project that requires stamina, bravado or initiative because you’ll have bags of all three. Mind you, it’s important to guard against any tendency to seem too brash, pushy or confident, so you may have to take yourself in hand at times.
AQUARIUS: If you’re already kicking yourself about those extravagant spending sprees you’ve been having lately, you’d better leave the credit card at home, or padlock your purse today. You’ll be overwhelmed by the urge to splurge and it will be almost impossible to resist it. If the shops are calling too loudly for you to ignore, take only the cash you can afford to spend and leave your credit cards or chequebook at home.
PISCES: It’s important that you keep your feet on the ground today, especially where finances and romance are concerned. But that will be much easier said than done because you’ll have a strong tendency to get carried away by the heat of the moment, whether you’re out shopping and spot something you’ve just got to have or you’re dreaming about you-know-who.A