Monday, July 26, 2021
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24th September 2019

ARIES: Being too uptight about things can cause you to feel unwell. You’re confused about several things, particularly the actions of a co-worker. Don’t bottle things up. With Mars transiting your sixth house of work affairs, set up new resolutions for yourself.
TAURUS: You are excessive during this phase of the month and will regret your overindulgence. Moderate your activities and your desire for pleasure. Some unexpected event relating to property or finance could rock add nuisance value to your day.
GEMINI: Contentment and harmony return to your life now. Improving on that still requires a considerable reorientation of perspective on your part. Re-evaluation of the meaning of friendship will be a large part of your paradigm shift.
CANCER: Your life could feel like it’s in a constant state of change. But just be mindful that others are not as quick off the mark as you. Timing is everything in your work, especially today. Your social surroundings need to be in harmony with your spirit.
LEO: Spending money is not always a loss as long as you spend it on something that can acquire value over time then spending equals investment. On a professional note, make sure you begin promoting yourself even though you prefer to understate your talents and experience.
VIRGO: You need to ‘stick to your guns’, even if others are trying to distract you from what you’re doing. when it rains, it pours and if you’ve been waiting for those opportunities to start rolling in and they do now, you may realise you haven’t planned effectively enough to deal with the influx of requests, customers and even social opportunities.
LIBRA: At the moment, your surroundings are having an increased effect on you and this may cause you to consider renovation or a change of scene. On a social note, it’s a pivotal time of change but this may have more to do with the people you hang out with that any locational shift.
SCORPIO: Your body may be sending you the signal to rest, but you’re ‘burning the candle at both ends’. You can’t stop now especially with the Sun moving to the upper part of your horoscope indicating a drive to succeed with opportunities for promotion and increased income being offered to you.
SAGITTARIUS: You need to transform your surroundings to reflect who you, particularly in a professional sense. Don’t be afraid to use plants, fragrances and other artefacts to help stamp your individuality on your workplace. Guard your reputation as some inadvertent blunders may cost you.
CAPRICORN: You could feel duped by someone and you may pay them more than what they are worth. Don’t underestimate the power of the current planetary transits. If you’re putting someone on a pedestal you may suddenly realise they’re only human after all.
AQUARIUS: Today is a day for again deepening your interest in friendships but you need to also include your family in your some of these events. Your imagination is deep and even profound with a deeper insight into life generally. This can bring unique ideas to the surface for you to express.
PISCES: You may fear to spend less and less time with the person you love. This means you have to reappraise the relationship. You are projecting some inner fear on a current relationship. Rather, you should consider the quality of time you spend with each other.