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19th September 2019

ARIES: Your feelings for those around you may go up and down, but to the degree, you protect and nurture yourself now things will work out all right. There’s an amorous quality to your associations now. Love affairs may occupy the greater part of your attention.
TAURUS: Unfinished matters from the past demand your attention. Be prepared for long but not necessarily serious negotiations. Business interests mix well with pleasure. Look at some hidden aspects of yourself and safely bring them up for discussion and reflection.
GEMINI: You mustn’t avoid others simply because you are nervous or apprehensive about a situation. Pay close attention to preserving your respect, dignity, and commitment to friendship. Understand that others may be going through a bad time and that it’s not their fault.
CANCER: Choose your company carefully as there may be some deception playing out. You may be falling back on past negative experiences and projecting them on the people you are dealing with at present. As well, beware of any tendencies toward extravagance which may be a way of diverting attention from the real issues.
LEO: A visitor may contact you or even surprise you. There are strong links with foreign countries. The travel bug may also bite now. You have an increasing desire to understand technology, which is why gadgets and other modern appliances may fascinate you right now.
VIRGO: You’re daydreaming and unable to focus on the task at hand. You may not like what you are doing. You need to re-engage with your work. Every cloud has a silver lining, and if you feeling somewhat dejected today, keep your mind on the positive aspects of your life.
LIBRA: You could get angry at someone if they try to undermine your plans. A clash of wills is likely, so try to accommodate their perspective. You need to get back that feeling you had when you first were attracted to the one you love. Experiment with some uncommon methods to revitalise the relationship.
SCORPIO: You may tend to overwork yourself under this transit. Physical injury or illness is also possible. The trend is towards hectic conditions, forced decisions and confrontations – often with authorities. With self-control, you can be productive.
SAGITTARIUS: Powerful dreams need to be heeded. Intuition is strong now and you must see if there is some way you can transpose these insights into your practical, day-to-day life. This is not only to do with business or professional offers that even in your day-to-day negotiations with those who serve you and sell you varying products.
CAPRICORN: Fate draws you towards others today to share tenderness, sweetness and light along with some sordid emotions. Your feelings for those around you may go up and down, but to the degree, you protect and nurture yourself just now, things will work out all right.
AQUARIUS: You are ready to explore new creative opportunities but by the same token, you may be overindulgent today. Learn your limits. Even if you are in the midst of some conflict over money, try to show your highest degree of diplomacy. Common sense will be your saviour today.
PISCES: You may feel confused about who your friends and enemies are just now. Try to look more closely at who is going to be of benefit and who is going to drag you down. Sometimes, seeing is not that easy. It may take a little longer to come to the right conclusion.