Monday, April 19, 2021

4 staff of CIHSR tests positive for COVID

Dimapur, July 30: Four staff of Christian Institute of Health Sciences & Research (CIHSR) have been detected to be COVID positive and have been isolated.
In a public announcement, Director, CIHSR, Dr Sedevi Angami stated that all four of them are doing well.
He stated that all contact tracing and testnig have been initiated in line with Government guidelines, while the faciliteis concerned have been contained and decontaminatino being carried out. The faciliteis have also been inspected by the district health authorities.
Dr Angami stated that COVID isolation ward has already been activated and is under very stringent control according to the standard guidelines and no patient inside the ward is allowed contact with any other person in the hospital.
He further informed tha the staff in the ward use PPE according to standard guidelines and infection control measures. They do not come into contact with any other staff outside and are segregated from the rest of the hospital and so have no means to transmit any infection elsewhere, he added.
Stating that all biohazardous waste generated from the isolation ward are disposed off by incineration in the same manner as the BSL2 Lab, Dr Angami said very stringent measures have been initiated to ensure that patients and the staff are protected from further infection spread.
He said active surveillance is being conducted for all staff and patients and daily audits by the CIHSR rapid response team is being performed, while the management of CIHSR is in constant touch with the District Health authorities and are keeping them updated. (Page News Service)