Friday, March 5, 2021
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4 residents from 3 colonies in Kohima test COVID-19 positive


Not entered Stage 3, still within local transmission phase: Govt

Kohima, July 19: Even as the number of COVID-19 cases detected from outside quarantine centres in the State capital sees an alarming rise, the Government of Nagaland continues to remain impervious to public cry for imposition of total lockdown over fear that Kohima is slowly entering the community transmission phase (Stage 3), if not already there.
The apprehension of the citizens of the capital city over community transmission were heightened by Sunday’s detection of 6 positive cases in Kohima – out of which 4 cases were from outside the quarantine centres and residents of 3 wards under Kohima municipal area.
State Health Department officials confirmed that among the six, only two are from quarantine centres – one each in K Badze and Jakhama Army QC while the four are from different colonies/wards in the State capital – two from Naga Bazaar and one each from D’Block and Lower Chandmari. This was further affirmed by a notification on sealing of areas in the three colonies issued by the Kohima District Task Force (DTF) on COVID-19.
But State Health Department continues to maintain that since the link of the four positive cases have been established; therefore Kohima is still within the local transmission phase (Stage 2) of the virus.
The Kohima DTF had on July 9 recommended total lockdown in Kohima municipal areas for at least a week to enhance the ongoing surveillance, for early detection of suspected cases, to break the chain of transmission and to further prevent the spread of diseases to new areas.
But the High Powered Committee of the State government on COVID-19 under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister had dismissed the Kohima DC’s proposal for total lockdown as “not warranted” considering the views of all concerned, including the Department of Health & Family Welfare and all relevant facts.
Earlier the Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP) had on July 8 also appealed to the State Government to declare total lockdown within Kohima municipalities for at least 14 days to contain the spread of corona virus. “Having taking trouble to safeguard our society and individuals for more than four months of lockdown, the AKMWP feels another fourteen days of more stringent total lockdown for our safety will do good more than harm,” AKMWP president Neibulie Kiewhuo and general secretary Thejao Sekhose had said in the appeal.
Currently, Kohima has a total of 193 confirmed COVID-19 cases out of which Naga Hospital Authority Kohima has 82 cases and Chedema – 36 while Jakhama Army Hospital has 72 cases and Chieswema (Tsiesema) Assam Rifles has 3 cases.
However, out of the total confirmed, 104 (28 in NHAK, 19 in Chedema, 54 in Jakhama and 3 in Chieswema AR hospital) are active while 89 have recovered (NHAK – 54, Chedema – 17, Jakhama AH – 18 and Chieswema AR – 3).
Sources in Kohima Municipal Council, without wanting to be identified, confirmed that two out of the four positive cases reported on Sunday are sanitation employees, who are involved in keeping the State capital clean and tidy every morning as frontline workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source said that the two others are also connected to the positive cases detected earlier in the State capital.
With today’s four positive cases from outside the quarantine centres, so far corona virus has escaped the walls of the quarantine centers in Kohima and reached Daklane, Keziekie, PWD, D’Block, Naga Bazaar, Chandmari and Jotsoma village.
Sealed areas in 3 colonies
Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie has notified that in view of the detection of COVID-19 positive cases residing at the following locations – Naga Bazaar Colony, Ward No. 4, D-Block Ward No. 6 and Lower Chandmari Ward No. 13, the following areas have been demarcated as sealed areas in order to contain the spread of the disease/infection and for necessary contact tracing.
The DC warned that all movement of persons/vehicles within the defined sealed area is strictly restricted/prohibited and under active surveillance with immediate effect.
Demarcated Area:
Naga Bazaar (Ward No. 4): East: Naga Bazaar and Daklane junction; West: Tri junction near Naga Bazaar Baptist church; South: From main road near Zeme Baptist Church till Naga Bazaar and Daklane Boundary; North: Step near old TATA parking
D-Block (Ward No. 6): East: Footstep near Tsielietuo’s residence toward kitsubozou side, Sector 6,
Ward No. 6; West: Main Town Road; South: Kitsubozou and D-Block boundary footstep near Kikru’s residence; North: Kitsubozou Main road below North PS
Lower Chandmari (Ward No. 13): East: Stream below 3AR camp; West: Colony main road; South: GMS Lower Chandmari; North: Nallah joining the stream below 3 AR camp. (Page News Service)