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4 October 2020

ARIES: The key to being successful for you today, is to maintain an air of stability and grounding. If others see you as being too flighty and off the wall, they will be hesitant about putting their trust in you. Make sure you do things in your power that will help boost your clout. You will need this support from others later on.

TAURUS: This is a good day for catching up on anything that needs to get done. You’ve been a little distracted lately as spiritual energies have been inspiring you. Now it’s time to apply some of that inspiration in more practical ways. Maybe you can come up with an innovative way of handling some of your tasks on the job.

GEMINI: You have a protective side when it comes to other people. Today you could take someone under your wing. This could be someone who is in need of some extra help on a particular project. Maybe you can explain things to them and help them over their learning curve. Or maybe a friend will ask you for a personal favor today.

CANCER: Let your sensual, nurturing instincts shine through today. Rely on your sixth sense more than anything. If things start to get a bit shaken up today, try to keep your cool. This is extremely important if you want to remain stable. Keep focused at all costs. Your sanity depends on it.

LEO: There may be a great deal of opposition in your way today, but try not to dwell on it. The key is to stay levelheaded and to maintain a positive outlook on the situation. This is a day in which you can bring a great deal of balance to issues by understanding and respecting the other side of the coin.

VIRGO: Unless you want to get into an intellectual sparring match with someone today, you might want to just stay home. It could be however, that this battle of the wits is staged to take place in your very own kitchen, so perhaps you should take a long walk by yourself to try to avoid others, or simply prepare for battle.

LIBRA: Don’t get upset if people aren’t taking you quite as seriously as you might like today. Today, just try to keep things light and uplifting. Come out of the dark intensity of the last couple days and laugh out loud. Don’t stress over that which you don’t understand. Go with the flow and keep smiling.

SCORPIO: You might have to put on a tougher skin today. Don’t automatically write someone off by an action of theirs which you think is offensive. Allow others to have their own opinions and respect their right to express them openly. Keep an open mind and do not judge. Maintain a diplomatic attitude and keep your critical thoughts to yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: If something goes drastically wrong today, keep your cool. Don’t be so impatient about fixing the problem that you end up doing something rash. You may end up doing more damage in the process of fixing things than you would if you just let things sit for a couple days.

CAPRICORN: There is a great deal of fire burning within you today. Be careful how you use it. There is a great chance of offending someone if you get too excited about yourself and fail to notice how your arrogant attitude is affecting the people around you. Take your internal joy and spread it out to the collective by empowering others.

AQUARIUS: There is a strong intensity about the day today that may cause you to recoil from certain events and conversations. Issues may get uncomfortable and perhaps a bit too involved. Other people may want to go to places that you simply do not want to go to. Don’t get upset or frustrated by these actions.

PISCES: This is one of those days in which you might not be fully appreciated for the wonderful breeze of fresh air you bring to the group. Revenge of the stale and old may be coming into the fold today. Don’t give in to negative forces trying to hold you back from expressing yourself fully.