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4 arrested in connection with assault on non-Naga labourers in Vidima village

Dimapur, April 19: Dimapur police have arrested 4 persons in connection with the physical assault on few non-Naga labourers residing at Vidima village by volunteers of the village. The video of the brutal assault on the non-Naga labourers went viral on the social media, prompting the police to take action.
Dimapur police arrested two persons identified as Valen Sote and Medovi Kiso of Vidima village in the morning and later two more persons identified as Thejaseko Sirie and Vilakhotuo Vizo of the same village was arrested.
The viral video of the assault created a huge uproar in the state and many social media users including non Nagas expressed their anguish and disappointment over the Vidima village volunteers’ high handedness and demanded police to arrest the culprits and stringent punishments be meted out to such unruly people posing as volunteers but acting as law enforcement authorities.
Taking to twitter, Dimapur police tweeted, “Two persons namely Valen Sote and Medovi Kiso of Vidima village have been arrested for physical assault of some non locals and dissemination of a video clip recording the same incident. A case has been regd in Sub Urban PS”.
Later in the evening Dimapur Police stated through a tweet, “The victims of the incident at Vidima village are fine and have already been discharged after routine medical examination by the district hospital. Since the investigation is still at a preliminary stage further details will be updated as and when required”.
Dimapur police conducted a thorough investigation which led to the arrest of two other persons involved in physically assaulting the non local in the video.
Dimapur police in a series of tweets announced the arrest of two other persons involved, “Two more persons namely Thejasekho Sirie and Vilakhotuo Vizo have also been arrested in connection with the assault incident at Vidima”.
Meanwhile, police sources said that investigation is in full swing and more arrests may take place.
Prior to today’s arrest, Dimapur police on Friday evening on a suo moto FIR arrested Heveto Awomi of Nihoto Village in connection with a video clip showing some non local individuals being physically screened by a car tape which led to a nationwide condemnation against the offenders.
Dimapur police stated that in this connection a case has been registered in Diphupar PS.
Dimapur police has also urged upon the public to exercise caution while posting pictures/videos on various social media platforms. Any insensitive action in this regard can have an adverse impact especially on the student community studying outside the state of Nagaland, it said.
It further said stringent action would be taken against any such defaulter as per the relevant sections of IPC and Information Technology Act. (Page News Service)