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3rd November 2019

ARIES: You could be getting conflicting signals from your partner, which need to be clarified. Misunderstandings can easily occur. Don’t get carried away with bits and pieces that have no connection to the big picture.
TAURUS: Your social life, particularly in dealing with friends and other groups may be active and constructive or possibly stressful or irritating, depending on other factors. You have a need now to realize some of your hopes and wishes and such efforts may be challenged by others.
GEMINI: We all hold certain beliefs about ourselves. This is a time when you may let go of some of your old beliefs and re-examine the meaning of your life. You can have a philosophical breakthrough or a new vision of yourself that excites and stimulates you.
CANCER: You’re feeling courageous and able to try something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. This could be related to a hobby or doing something in your work that can earn you some brownie points. You have an increasing desire to understand technology, which is why and therefore gadgets and other modern appliances may fascinate you just right now.
LEO: A spirit of cooperation and shared ideals imbues your career pursuits with a satisfying, inspiring quality now. Supervisors, employers, employees, and co-workers show that they will extend themselves and make sacrifices “when the chips are down”.
VIRGO: Today the focus seems to be on redirecting your energy. You seem scattered and unpredictable and there’ll be many changes. You will, however, have some interesting experiences in love and friendship. New meetings today brings you a greater sense of self-esteem.
LIBRA: You have to express yourself much more clearly when demanding your needs be met. Work-related issues could get confused if you don’t say what’s on your mind. You don’t want to get involved in community-fighting or a dispute on the home front but that may be unavoidable.
SCORPIO: Try harder to find that creative part within you and to express that in your work. If not, you’ll find yourself stuck in a series of situations which will be spiritually unfulfilling. Creativity is your keyword. Misunderstandings will be made worse by trying to talk around in circles.
SAGITTARIUS: The wheels of Karma are turning a little too quickly for your liking today. Changes in your home life are inevitable as the rulers of Karma – the Node and Saturn, jointly do their work on you now. Some things are completely out of your control and no amount of grappling will change that.
CAPRICORN: You’ll be busy today with all sorts of chores triggering your responses. Make sure you don’t waste time doing ‘nothing’. Flitting about here and there is stimulating mentally but doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll achieve much.
AQUARIUS: How well do you respond to constructive criticism? Be watchful just now as you may see things in yourself which throw you into a restless state of mind. You’ll need to stand firmly on principles of integrity so that your judgment isn’t clouded or polluted by your ego.
PISCES: Generosity is another one of your keywords today and striking a balance between fulfilling your desires and giving of yourself may not be all that easy. You may lose confidence due to some words of a friend. Perhaps you’ve taken their assessment of a situation personally.