Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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3rd November 2018

ARIES: You can get closer to children, boost romantic connections and expand your social circle. Artistic little you should make the most of this vibration in coming.
TAURUS: If you are patient and approach the right people, it will be easy to call in the support you need to carry your projects forward with confidence. You can find greater happiness if you understand and accept the differences between yourself and those with whom you share your life.
GEMINI: A fantasy of love fires you up today, but jealousy and deliberate obstruction can be infuriating. Entertain someone special at home and play your cards right. This could lead to a wonderful beginning that could lead who knows where.
CANCER: Any feelings of insecurity will pass, but you still feel stubborn and defiant one moment, then unsure and vulnerable the next. It’s head versus heart, but be ready to ramp up into romance mode.
LEO: Planetary factors may cause you to be unrealistic today, so don’t let your ideals cloud the facts. Your associates may be able to assist you in your personal ambitions, but collective goals are more likely to be successful at this time.
VIRGO: Take stock of your resources and see to the maintenance of your possessions. The better care you take of what you have, the longer they will last. Some of you may need to apply this idea to their closest relationships as well! It’s important not to take anyone or anything for granted.
LIBRA: Your hard work may be about to pay off, Your good reputation has been hard won and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Despite crossed swords in the morning, even those who are usually jealous seem happy for you later in the day.
SCORPIO: Your imagination has been working overtime and you may wake up with an inspired idea or concept, but now is not the time to act on it. Stress may cause you to catch a cold more easily than usual, so avoid those who are sniffling and sneezing.
SAGITTARIUS: Tonight will be sparkling with love and romance, so get out and mingle. New people you meet now will have quite an impact on your hopes and dreams, especially if connected with religion, personal development.
CAPRICORN: Good fortune may not come in the form of cold hard cash, but if you’re resourceful you should have everything you need when you need it in the days to come. Romantic energies are flowing, so be open to the possibilities.
AQUARIUS: Look for those who display optimism, generosity and faith for best results. Avoid those who are most obviously on power trips display an unhealthy drive for control and power.
PISCES: Challenges seem almost insurmountable but you truly are capable enough to meet them. Don’t allow fear to stop you from aiming high. Control a tendency to be your own worst enemy and ignore sniping from the wings.