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3rd May 2019

ARIES: Are you being used in your work situation? It is possible that you’ve set yourself up for a fall by offering too much too soon. It is okay to say no sometimes even if you are trying to put your best foot forward. There are times when we unconsciously do more than we need to.
TAURUS: You have lavish tastes right now but possibly not the means to fulfil the desire for numerous acquisitions. This is also a case of trying to keep up with everyone else, particularly on the technology side of things. Do you really need that next great Samsung or iPhone model?
GEMINI: You have an overwhelming sense of emotional need but may not be feeling that your partner or spouse is supplying you with the emotional benefits that you’d hoped for. You want some reciprocation if nothing else. If you say something you’re going to come across as needy, whingeing and whining.
CANCER: A maturing of ideals and spiritual values occurs now. This maturing process is so gradual and natural that you will hardly notice it, but it is significant. You become less ego-centred and more sensitive to the needs of others. Consequently, you behave in a more mature manner.
LEO: You have to use your time efficiently as you have several creative projects that are enticing you now. It’s a matter of prioritizing your activities and tasks but this has to be based on desire and passion for what you do rather than any financial returns that are possible.
VIRGO: You’re excited about new opportunities and want to get the ball rolling. Remember, that you must always tie up loose ends beforehand. There’s unfinished business still hanging around and unless you resolve those matters these new vistas you have planned for exploration may be weighed down by that.
LIBRA: You mustn’t go from one extreme to another in your work schedule at present. You may have shifted from a position of cruising to more intensely trying to manage your time and getting more things done. Productivity should never happen at the expense of your peace of mind or health.
SCORPIO: You’re investigating your emotions and those of others at present. In a way, this is a psychological phase where you want to get to the bottom of things. This is an excellent manoeuvre to clear the air and remove those inner complexes which have been holding you back in your relationships for some time.
SAGITTARIUS: Work and other responsibilities are irksome to you at this time. You feel like it’s “play time” and want to get out, laugh, play, and sing. Parties and social gatherings, therefore, appeal to you and you will enjoy meeting many new people.
CAPRICORN: Understanding your past gives you insight into where you’re going in the future. You can’t understand what’s coming if you don’t understand what’s been! Although you may not want a deep love affair, your sexual and physical needs may be strong. If you have any guilt associated with this, it’s better to pass on the opportunity.
AQUARIUS: Look closely at the one you love or care for and start speaking out about the things that aren’t acceptable to you. This way you’ll maintain some level of respect. Areas which those people have neglected in their duties create a negative impact on your life and reflect on them poorly now.
PISCES: Continue to sift through friends who are no longer worthy of the title. Social media is confusing the issue as well. People are too busy now and time impinges on the traditional idea of friendship. It’s time to make serious changes to your social agenda as a means of expressing your self-respect.