Wednesday, March 22, 2023

3rd Khensatsür Shisatokden Senden held

Nagaland News

Khensa, January 27: The 3rd Khensatsür Shisatokden Senden organized by the Khensa Baptist Church (KBA) Women Ministry was held from January 21 to 23 at Khensa village. The programme started with opening ceremony by the Khensa Students’ Union and keynote address by KBA Associate Pastor Women, Opangmenla.
The main speaker, Alice Walling, Director, Christian Education, Kohima Ao Baptist Church (KABA) spoke on the importance of overall wellbeing of the woman to build a healthy family, church and society at large. She spoke on the importance of taking care of both the physical and mental health.
Alice Walling stressed on the need for the younger generations to become more committed and God fearing human beings and to reach out to different parts of the world with the gospel. “We need young people who are professionals and at the same time who have the dedication to go to the closed nations with the good news,” she said. She also urged the parents to seek God inorder to usher in blessings for the children and the village in general.
On the second day, the main highlight was the entrepreneurial exhibition cum sales day from various units including Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung town, Yimyu and other units under the Khensa village. The event was inaugurated by Khensa Village Council, Chairman, Imtitoshi.
The main objective of the exhibition cum sale was to encourage the women folk to tap their gifts and to be self-reliant through various handiworks such as weaving, gardening, farming, cooking, craft making etc. Some of the items on display for sale were traditional attires, jewelry and accessories, household items made of bamboo and wood, flowers, pickle, organic manure, and others.
On January 22 evening, the speaker, Sentinaro, Associate Pastor Women, Longjang Compound Baptist church spoke on family while on January 23 morning, the speaker, Rongsenchila, Women Secretary, Dimapur Ao Baptist Church spoke on society. Others who spoke during the three-day event were Dr Imlirenla Walling, Mokokchung and Apongla, Treasurer Officer, Changtongya. The vote of thanks was delivered by Bendangrenla, Convenor, Planning Committee.
The discussion hours were led by Akangjungla, Dimapur unit and Arenchila Longchar, Associate Pastor, Christian Education, KBA. It was decided that the 4th Khensatsür Shisatokden Senden will be held in 2025. (Page News Service)