3rd June 2018


ARIES: There might be a problem today with values. Most likely it will have to do with your current theme of the day. Perhaps your fantasies have gotten the best of you and you dared to cross a boundary you shouldn’t have.
TAURUS: A strong emotional need for security comes out today. Strangely enough, at the same time, it will oppose a more pressing desire to seek out freedom. Seek to find a balance.
GEMINI: Stars demands you place the structure on your greatest dreams before you dare to dream them. Your emotions are rather imaginative today, but this may cause some conflict.
CANCER: Someone may approach you today who wish to discuss a rather unusual topic. It will seem quite out of character for him or her. At the same time, you will find this an extraordinary day for intellectual stimulation
LEO: Your friends will be quite verbal today about their need for freedom and independence. It need not come across as alienating to you; make the effort to understand and respect their wishes and be content doing your own thing.
VIRGO: Feelings of goodwill prevail, even towards those who are less than kind towards you. This is another fine time for romance, to meet someone special for lunch. You may find yourselves feeling vigorous this morning.
LIBRA: A female relative, most likely a sibling or cousin, is truly making you guess about her sudden departure from being ordinary. Something eccentric about her behaviour is puzzling and you’re not sure what to make of it.
SCORPIO: Today your stars will heighten your receptive responses to the world. You will be seen as more emotional to others but in particular, you can use this sensitivity in your favour with children or a lover.
SAGITTARIUS: This is one of those difficult days, Everyone and everything that is important to you will be clamouring for your attention; take a few deep breaths before you dive in. Keep a low profile and avoid conflict.
CAPRICORN: Spend as much time as possible relaxing; you’ll be working hard enough latter. You may need to recharge your spiritual batteries a bit, so avoid social gatherings.
AQUARIUS: There’s plenty of discussion happening at home about organization and efficiency. It’s as if everyone you live with has their own ‘to do’ list and homework assignment.
PISCES: Today you may be a little on edge today with a spouse or partner. The best way to get past this rough spot is to take your war to the bedroom. Fight it out with love.