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3rd January 2020

ARIES: You want to pursue a quieter sort of day but feel distracted by mundane activities and responsibilities that go with being human! The mistake that is often made is thinking that your worldly life and spiritual life are somehow separate. In fact, what you’re doing in any given moment can be transformed into a spiritual activity simply by your attitude and awareness.
TAURUS: That pep talk you think is going to revolutionise someone’s viewpoint is probably a waste of time. It’ll leave you completely frustrated. You may need to abandon a course of action in the light of new information. There’s no shame in adjusting your goals.
GEMINI: Finances are back on the agenda today but those previous money headaches are fortunately now clearing, thank goodness. You’ll think more deeply into the paperwork and spot any mistake. Overcoming your addictions addiction to alcohol or other unhealthy foods is a worthy resolution. It’s not an easy thing but your desire to turn over a new leaf is strong.
CANCER: Investigate your financial status and security issues more thoroughly. If you plan carefully you can make the coming months count. You’ll discover the effort is worth the returns. If it’s human resources you intend to pay for making sure you get some bang for your buck.
LEO: If you can no longer see the big picture it could be because you are too focused on one aspect over and above everything else. Broaden your horizons and invite opinions from others for a clearer solution. You needn’t react strongly to someone who has accidentally insulted you.
VIRGO: Even friends disagree from time to time but don’t let your opinions and differences become a wedge between you and them. You find yourself at odds with other opinions. Don’t become too defensive if someone tries to point out what’s possible and what’s not.
LIBRA: If you accept the fact that you can’t be number one for a time, you’re on the road to personal success according to your own capacity. Just try to be the best you can. Romance can be a source of an emotional upliftment because you are now trying to keep your ideals realistic.
SCORPIO: You need to get back in tune with yourself and regain that strong sense of personal identity. Confidence is going to reign supreme again. Your bin is filled with a great deal of meaningless information. You need a spring cleaning to create some space.
SAGITTARIUS: Favourable karma is a great start to the year. Your advice is useful and is based upon solid experience and will further come back positively in future. You may not be paid for your assistance but will get satisfaction from working for a good cause. Journeys with a lover are light-hearted and rejuvenating.
CAPRICORN: People respond more favourably to gentle persuasion than having a gun held to their head. An open and direct discussion is the best remedy, especially in work matters when you need to tell someone you are irritated with them. You may, in fact, be overreacting to the demands of co-workers.
AQUARIUS: Be prepared for some additional expenses you haven’t anticipated. The circumstances you find yourself in make you impulsive and this could be at the heart of why you’ve spent more. Put the brakes on for a while, reappraise what you need and don’t spend money haphazardly.
PISCES: You need time to adjust to this New Year. You must think about your resolutions and what you wish to achieve over the coming twelve months. You’re in a situation demanding more attention and discipline. This may be an opportunity for you to gauge how much respect others have for you.