Saturday, April 10, 2021
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3rd February 2019

ARIES: Conversations with friends or networking activities can be wonderful learning experiences now or simply inspiring. Solutions to problems are unusual and different but useful. Putting your worries aside allows you more “room” to enjoy yourself. Ideas are big, and you’re finding possibilities where you didn’t expect to see them.
TAURUS: There can be an agreement made with someone close to you, and you might be able to get the support and backing you need. Your ability to pick up on the subtlest of cues in your environment enhances your knowledge and decisions. The weeks ahead are wonderful for feeling inspired, whether it’s about your relationships, outlook, personal interests, or pleasing pastimes!
GEMINI: haring ideas with someone can be particularly pleasant now, and you’re also communicating with special enthusiasm. An agreement might be reached with a partner, or a connection made that feels great. Pairing up with someone can produce excellent ideas or strategies.
CANCER: Thinking about shared resources and finances or negotiations involving them could also figure strongly now, with strong results or at least a good sense of your prospects. Your confidence in yourself will help get things going. This is an auspicious time for discovery and insight.
LEO: Today, you’re feeling inspired. You instinctively know how to relate to others, and you do it naturally and warmly. You seek (or naturally attract) those who stimulate your curiosity and inspire you to learn more or to think more creatively. You are able to improvise today and find a receptive audience to your ideas or plans.
VIRGO: There can be a new avenue of communication that opens up with someone special. Decision-making revolving around work, health, home, and family matters can be especially strong and successful now. New possibilities emerge. Accept support and help graciously, as it’s likely to be sincere.
LIBRA: Your thinking is more creative than usual, and there can be some fun problem-solving going on now that warms your spirit. You can be especially proud of your ideas and good at expressing them today. You might show your affections quite eloquently now, or attract someone to you through your good humor and wonderful way with words.
SCORPIO: Your confidence in your ideas or projects is building. You might also be discussing ways to improve your home life or income. Also today, Venus moves into your communications sector for a four-week stay, and this is a booster transit! It’s one of the first signs of a growing theme that will find you more and more outgoing and interactive as the month advances.
SAGITTARIUS: Solutions come more readily than usual now, and the rapport you have with others on important issues feels reinforcing. It’s a great time to pick up valuable information, resolve problems, reach agreements, and see the bigger picture or possible positive outcomes, and this is a sweet relief.
CAPRICORN: Word of mouth can help you out now. You are magnetizing good things to you, and complex problems seem to be easier to understand when you let go of overthinking and instead allow your intuition to work for you as you’re inclined to do today with a Mercury-Jupiter aspect. Bright and new ways to streamline your life can come to you as you unwind.
AQUARIUS: This can be a time when you have a lot to share, or when you receive happy news. You can quite effectively use the power of words to attract what you want for yourself. It’s a good time for seeing possibilities and for making connections that you may have previously overlooked.
PISCES: A helpful conversation might be part of the picture, and you can benefit greatly from another perspective on the matter. Mind you, this is a time of year when you’re very much inclined to take the necessary to space to come to your own conclusions and decisions, trusting your intuition.