Thursday, November 26, 2020
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3rd December 2019

ARIES: You don’t necessarily need to go anywhere just now to feel happy. This habit of running here, there and everywhere is simply a distraction from the fact that you may not have enough to keep you occupied and satisfied within the confines of your own home.
TAURUS: A new cycle has commenced and you may soon meet someone now who not only becomes a mentor but a friend as well. Use your intelligence to solidify your social activities and plug into opportunities through your networking skills to enhance your career and financial net worth.
GEMINI: Communications can be forceful and in some ways, you need to drive the point home if you’re going to be successful in professional circles. No one likes a weakling and if you think that playing the game timidly is going to win you favour you are wrong.
CANCER: You feel as if you’re treading water, and going nowhere. Don’t let life become something completely distasteful. This is how work and life feel sometimes but somewhere in that tedium, boredom and frustration is a golden jewel waiting for your discovery.
LEO: You’re thinking more seriously about money and how to cut back overheads. Being frugal may not have been exactly your forte over the last couple of years but now you are realizing the importance of respecting every single cent that you earn.
VIRGO: Opportunities can emerge to enjoy and express yourself more thoroughly. You’re more outgoing, expressive, and confident–it’s a year for exploring and enhancing your creativity, hobbies, games, entertainment, or romantic life.
LIBRA: Friendships grow but could get a little too heavy and demanding on you. Friendships flourish when you accept the person for who they are rather than what you expect from them. Be accepting of the faults of those you consider friends and that friendship will blossom because you choose to base it on unconditional love.
SCORPIO: Be careful not to display too many of your talents in case those less capable become envious. Being good sometimes creates enemies. You may still be hurting from some negative experiences, so reserve injuring others and rather look at your personal growth throughout this process.
SAGITTARIUS: If you can’t fix the defects in others, leave them alone and teach them by example. This is the only proper antidote to dealing with people generally. If you’re job-hunting you could be successful in the form of an offer or referral. Settle for no less than what you believe is fair!
CAPRICORN: The receptive to what is being said. Something shared with you today will help you understand clearly what actions have to take place to fulfil your need for adventure in your life. Any boldness accentuated today or spotlights your need to do something different and be ahead of your peers.
AQUARIUS: It’s time for you to sort out and clear out a lot of the deadwood in your life – physically and emotionally. You could say it’s a bit of a spring cleaning but this may not be easy as other people may be holding on to the nostalgia and what they perceive as things of value were as you’re quite clear that it is important to move on in these areas of your life.
PISCES: Little pieces of financial good news are comforting but remember that one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Don’t rest on your laurels yet simply because you’ve had a few titillating pieces of information indicating a trend toward success.