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3rd August 2019

ARIES: It’s a time of the month when you’re busy at work in the background and quite happy to be there. You’re inclined to do things quietly without too many distractions. There is more patience in your approach to the world than usual today, and your ambition is pleasantly motivating.
TAURUS: There is a strong theme of improving your family and home life these days, dear Taurus, and the focus is on the ways your personal life empowers you. You’re in good shape for channeling your energy into productive pursuits that help you enjoy your private life more thoroughly.
GEMINI: You can be particularly motivated to learn something new or improve a skill now, as this seems to you the right way to empower yourself at this time. You’re giving your personal interests or studies more attention and importance.
CANCER: This can be a time when you seek to take charge of money and business matters that have fallen out of order, dear Cancer. You’re looking for balance and purpose. The route to achieving these things seems to involve getting on top of your practical affairs.
LEO: There is a lot of focus on action in your life and much attention coming your way these days. Even so, today’s Moon transit seems to want you to get your bearings and take a pause. It’s a signal that you’re better off toning things down just for now.
VIRGO: It’s an ideal time for dealing with emotional issues that have been undermining you. You’re likely to find some nice outlets for expressing or simply validating your feelings. You can be especially dedicated to a creative vision these days, and this can be a time for pursuing it.
LIBRA: Even though you can be very preoccupied now, if others need your attention, you find it easy to sacrifice your time and energy. At the same time, even if you’re with others, you seem to be drawing energy from your dreams and reflections!
SCORPIO: You could find yourself more passionate or determined than the people around you recently. Sharing ideas with others jumpstarts your own thinking processes today, however, and it can be a nice break from doing it all on your own. You may very well benefit from a change of atmosphere.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a fine time for promoting yourself or your work as well as for learning or advancing. While this theme continues, the Moon at the top of your solar chart seems to want you to pay special attention to your work or responsibilities today.
CAPRICORN: You may be seeking mind-expanding experiences that broaden your horizons in some way, however big or small. While you’re open to sharing ideas, you’re also very much inclined to go your own way. There can be sudden or unusual progress with your goals now.
AQUARIUS: You’re happy to have something absorbing and involving to do, and mysteries or problems may very well draw you in. Being around people you trust and know well is a desire now. There may be some focus on sharing resources or borrowing money.
PISCES: You can feel good about the ability to count on a partner or friend. You might enjoy feedback and deliberation over matters that require a decision. Somebody’s input helps you clarify your position, whether it’s because you agree or disagree!