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3rd August 2018

ARIES: Hold fire if you’re supposed to sign an agreement or contract today because things could easily go haywire. You might find that you’ve agreed to something that you don’t want, the whole process could turn into a pain in the neck or you could change your mind when it’s too late to do anything about it.
TAURUS: Personal concerns have the greatest importance for you today and you won’t really be interested in anything else. You’ll try to steer the conversation round to yourself, whether you’ve got something important to say or you simply want to tell someone what you had for breakfast.
GEMINI: You really enjoy putting your brain through its paces today, especially if you choose an intellectual pursuit. But don’t be surprised if it’s difficult to tear yourself away from it! It’s great for trying your hand at a crossword puzzle or competition. You could also enjoy getting caught up in a detective story, whether it’s in a book or on film.
CANCER: Take your other half by the hand and do something on the spur of the moment. For instance, instead of staying in, you might decide to go out for a meal. If you’re currently hoping that your relationship with you-know-who will develop into something much more intimate than it is at the moment, your dreams could come true now.
LEO: Confusion is rife between you and partners today. This may not be deliberate, so don’t immediately assume that someone is trying to mislead you. On the other hand, there is a distinct possibility that a certain person could be muddying the waters in some way or omitting to mention some rather pertinent facts that you really ought to know about. Proceed with caution.
VIRGO: Take it easy, otherwise you’ll end the day with steam coming out of both ears! You have a tremendous amount of energy right now and it needs to be released in positive and controlled ways. Ideally, you should do something physical because you’ll definitely get ratty if you’re too sedentary. If you’re out driving, watch the speed limit!
LIBRA: You’re blessed with extra self-confidence and energy during the coming week, which is marvellous if you’re hoping to make your mark on the world. But even if you’ve simply set your sights on wowing your own social circle, you’ll be a massive success. This is also a great excuse for a change of image or a revamp of your wardrobe.
SCORPIO: You’re a magnet for friends and partners today because you’re sending out such warm and considerate vibes. So don’t be surprised if someone decides to confide in you or they make it plain that they’re one of your biggest fans. Even if you’re just chatting to someone you’ll be able to create a warm and safe atmosphere.
SAGITTARIUS: Someone is being pedantic and picky today, as you’ll soon discover when they correct you about all sorts of things you think are almost too petty to bother with. However, the boot might soon be on the other foot because you could easily become infected with the same attitude.
CAPRICORN: You’re in a very practical mood today, especially if you have to get your finances into some sort of order. You might be rather horrified by the amount of money you spent yesterday and realize that you can’t carry on like this. Consider making a few changes to your financial arrangements, such as tucking away some money each month into a nest-egg.
AQUARIUS: During the coming fortnight, you have to do some serious thinking about someone you love. Maybe you need to have a quiet word in their ear about something, in the hope that you can nip a potential problem in the bud before it becomes serious. There’s also a chance that your feelings for this person are changing and that you need to reflect on this and what it means.
PISCES: Keep active! You have bags of energy and enterprise today and you should make the most of them. If you’re going shopping you’ll have much more stamina than usual, and will also be good at striking a bargain if you get the chance. If you get involved in a discussion or negotiation you’ll leave no one in any doubt about where you stand.