Sunday, November 29, 2020
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3rd April 2019

ARIES: Ideas, media, and special-interest projects and activities today can help you heal. It’s a strong time for helping others through your words or teaching.
TAURUS: You’re in a good position to assert yourself naturally today, dear Taurus, and for gaining trust and support from others. You can make excellent progress on a career or money-making idea now.
GEMINI: The desire to take action to improve your life or simply to enjoy the moment takes hold today. You can feel quite empowered now as you put a problem behind you.
CANCER: You might see the connection between physical healing and inner, emotional healing. Even physical activities or exercise can help you to reduce stress now.
LEO: If the balance of power or give-and-take has been off in a relationship, you could feel this imbalance today. However, there is divine energy with you today for getting something constructive done.
VIRGO: It can be a little difficult juggling your personal life today, dear Virgo, but once you settle on an activity or discover a mission today, you’re wholeheartedly into it.
LIBRA: A significant other may very well be integral to getting you out of a funk now, or you could enjoy a mini adventure with someone special. You’re focused on the little jobs and details today, and this can be very useful.
SCORPIO: This is a good day for high levels of emotional and mental energy, and you can quite feel motivated to do things that you’ve been letting slide.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re not always happy with subtlety, so today’s energies are particularly palatable for you. You can feel very much in your element today. Your confidence seems to build in direct proportion to your ability to take action.
CAPRICORN: Your confidence is building. Rather than speculate and guess, you’re ready to take decisive action today, and it’s refreshing.
AQUARIUS: You are courageous when it comes to finding the source of a problem and dealing with it. You don’t want to be weighed down or restricted by fears now, and this is an effective approach at the moment.
PISCES: This is a fine time for taking action on a problem, after a period in which guesswork seemed to be the norm. You’re fully capable of taking charge and handling problem areas confidently now.