Thursday, November 30, 2023
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33% of ULB and Assembly is the responsibility of women

Women’s Reservation bill is a reality now. Although the Bill is linked to census and delimitation, Congress has promised that given the opportunity, we will amend the Bill to implement it. In 2028 the State Assembly will be with at least 20 Women Hon’ble Members. In ULBs, at least 4-5 Members. At least a hundred women legislators will be seen. I believe women’s participation in the Assemblies will improve decency in governance.
We are all aware that on the occasion of Women’s Rights Day Madam Sonia Gandhi at Chennai reasserted the implementation of the Women’s Reservation Bill, “This is our goal, this will be the INDIA alliance goal and this is what we women must fight for, if we all fight together, we shall be victorious”.
It is time for women to decide and join political parties and learn the Constitution and functions of political party(s) constitution. In India, there are two diverse ideological parties, other regional parties survive by supporting either one of the ideologies.
1. BJP’s idea is Hindutva. Which means Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Kingdom) Hindi language and Hinduism. To them, Uniform Civil Code means “One Nation, One Language and One Religion”. they are not talking about cloth uniforms. They practice untouchability. They prohibit women from entering temples. They hate women. They claim India is the land of Hindus and Muslims and Christians have no right to rule.
2. The ideology of Congress is a secular, socialist democratic republic. Congress believes in “unity in diversity”. Congress believes in freedom of religion and freedom of expression and we aim to provide justice and equality to all sections of people. We are against untouchability. For Congress, all citizens are equal.
Women have more or less 50% votes. They can change the political equations. At the end of all politics, it all boils down to the VOTE. There is nothing more important or powerful than the vote. Only the vote is recognized. All wisdom and narratives have no meaning without a vote.
The culture of bribes will come to an end with God’s wrath. The present trend of bribing votes is unchristian. Religion and politics are services to humanity. They have the same goals. Given the opportunity, we will adopt technologies of a clean democratic election. I have seen myself, an Anganwadi woman worker defeated the sitting Chief Minister. She has served the people in that constituency as an Anganwadi worker for almost 20 years. She knew every house. After voting, she predicted she is winning with 15 votes. She actually won with a margin of 17 votes.
Women of all ages must understand, your minimum responsibility is 33%. This 33% cannot be taken away by men. You have to fill it or it will remain vacant. 18 years and above, especially retired employees, should join political parties.
K. Therie
Former Minister