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31st March 2019

ARIES: You will land yourself in a new assignment. It shall be a challenge to fight the visible odds and ensure victory. Practicality can almost always be postponed. Get outside and enjoy the fresh new season — find some cherry blossoms to admire and a hand to hold to feel in step with spring.
TAURUS: You will get an exposure whereby you will be able to get some fame in your area of work.Few tensions may develop due to difference of opinion regarding others but nothing serious.
GEMINI: Today you may decide to spend more money on spiritual or creative pursuits.Strong support and gentle words of logic are all you need to move forward in a positive direction.
CANCER: You may simply realize all over again how grateful you are to have certain people in your life, in which case it’s a wonderful opportunity to tell them. Or you might meet someone new who will enrich your life in some way.
LEO: Someone who is just a friend may have stronger feelings towards you. A little give-and-take is in order.Exercise, a good meal or two and a mental check as to how you’re doing is a little bit of advice.
VIRGO: You shall feel generally low and drained out, this shall lead to a feeling of ill health which shall have no physical bearing but shall keep you lead a less active life.
LIBRA: It’s one of those days when it’s awfully easy to get caught up in silly details and nit-picking problems that distract you from what you really should be concentrating on.The spouse may be less generous and will need to be reminded of duties leading to certain trifles.
SCORPIO: It’s unavoidable, there is confrontation ahead. This situation has become just too much! Conflict takes you out of your present comfort zone, yet this past event needs resolution and closure in the present.
SAGITTARIUS: Have faith that the outcome will be in your best interests, no matter how the day may evolve. Conversations seem more of a critique than a pleasure and you question your role within present friendship connections and group environments.
CAPRICORN: Your stars are favoring you and you have lucky and fruitful period ahead of you.Income wise it is a very favourable period and liquid cash shall be in good supply.
AQUARIUS: You will find a lot of support within your own team and will feel that destiny is also favoring you and the hidden hand of fate is playing hide and seek with you.Take all decisions with care as a little carelessness might cost you dear.
PISCES: You have the chance to take control and prove you’re a good leader. Youll try hard to fulfill a promise youve made to someone sometime before. Money shall be in plenty and Keeping some money aside for a vacation shall be a good thing .