Friday, September 24, 2021
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31st July 2019

ARIES: In the coming days, plans or projects that you left on hold or that stalled now begin to make more sense or move forward. Family, domestic matters, romance, and pleasure-seeking activities are areas that will clear up.
TAURUS: Your ability to charm, soften, and satisfy others is powerful. There is a distinctly impulsive tone to the atmosphere around you and within you right now, so this added dose of natural calm can undoubtedly come in handy.
GEMINI: New energy is with you for connecting, communicating, and learning. Some of your ideas will “take,” and others may not, but don’t worry about the difference between the two just yet.
CANCER: The impulse to buy something can be sudden and should probably be tamed just for now until you get a plan in place. Ideas, and especially money-making ones, come to you with force and passion.
LEO: You are always in charge of your destiny, but times like now, you feel it more. Confidence comes across well; excessive preoccupation with yourself doesn’t!
VIRGO: Buried and neglected issues can now demand your attention. You’re taking on a supportive role in which you sacrifice some of your personal plans and goals, at least temporarily, to take care of other people.
LIBRA: There can be new friends or associations with groups and people who share some similar interests or a common goal. New beginnings with existing connections may instead figure strongly.
SCORPIO: Even if you’re happy in your position as it stands, there are always some tweaks that can be made to improve your professional and public life. New projects and goals, and possibly even a new area of focus on the job, may emerge in the coming days and weeks.
SAGITTARIUS: New activities or projects that feed your thirst for out-of-the-ordinary experiences can come into focus. This is a time of increased bravery and spontaneity. However, you can also be in demand for your services or work.
CAPRICORN: It’s a time for getting rid of burdens or sharing their weight. You might decide to rid yourself of clutter or debt. You may be saying goodbye to a bad attitude or habit, or getting closer to someone who makes you feel better about yourself.
AQUARIUS: Impulsive actions today are not advised, but new feelings and information serving in the days ahead should get your full attention. Take in now, and take action when it feels right.
PISCES: In the coming days, and for some things, the coming weeks, indecisiveness tends to clear up, and disjointed ideas and projects come together. New information comes in that moves things forward. With the shift occurring today, some confusion remains.