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31st December 2019

ARIES: There should be plenty of focus on the issue of money now just as the year is drawing to a close. The way you handle your finances will be prompting you to rethink your strategy over the next few days. The way you negotiate financial contracts or agreements will be very telling on your financial outcome.
TAURUS: Be careful if you feel as if you’re falling in love with someone. Your mind is restless and this may be part of your own fantasy world and not really reflecting reality. Matching your reality with someone else’s is critical.
GEMINI: The old saying that rules are made to be broken only holds good once you’ve learned to play BY the rules first. You can try alternatives to your communication but learn the rules of engagement before stretching your friendships. A friend may become conspicuously absent for a while.
CANCER: Be dynamic socially and improve your professional opportunities. Under the current transits people are drawn to you. You will receive their support. You’re concentrated on work matters but don’t need to go overboard as your focus will be noted and good things emerge.
LEO: If you’re confined to a location, make the best of it even if it’s frustrating. Appreciate what you have. Different worlds collide and you may be the bridge between two differing cultures. It will be interesting to balance both sides of a cultural equation.
VIRGO: You enter into discussions or even debate now. You must pick your battles wisely. Even simple conversations can turn into unplanned disputes. Mental hostility is on the menu now, so find a place to redirect your intellectual energy so that you can make productive use of this.
LIBRA: You have a lucky day with excellent celestial combinations. It’s hard not to want to give of yourself to others but you need to do so in a measured way. Others are likely to take advantage of you. Try to avoid confrontations because could well lead to long-term disagreements and that’s the last thing you need.
SCORPIO: Travelling is on the cards but what’s your motivation? Simply to escape the boredom you feel? Make sure you’re reasons you travel are good ones. You will end up taking your problems with you. Clearing the decks is the way to enjoy a vacation.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’re feeling cramped, try to be more creative about how you generate more space. Consolidating your possessions is in order. It’s essential to implement the knowledge you have but it could be thwarted by those who don’t want change.
CAPRICORN: Don’t overvalue something and pay more than you need to. Shop around. It will save you money. Building on your past strengths is essential and if you are a woman, don’t be afraid to use your feminine powers to mingle in part the world you previously thought were inaccessible.
AQUARIUS: Avoid putting yourself in risky emotional situations because at the moment, you’re likely to go to extremes. On the other hand, you find that a flexible attitude offers great insight into your inner workings. Your discussions may be intercepted by someone who’s not involved.
PISCES: You’re more in tune with your friends and social networking during this period of the year. This gives you ample opportunity to make inroads in this part of your life. Against the backdrop of greater focus in your work, you may be using friends as a means of escape rather than a true form connection at the heart level.