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31 January 2020

ARIES: Apply your imagination to work problems. You will come out impressing not just co-workers but employers as well. This will set the stage for greater respect. Your growing inertia could be hindering you from progressing. One of your challenges now is fighting against your own lethargy.
TAURUS: People may oppose you but if youve got a tried and tested system for dealing with these sorts of scenarios use it. Don’t feel as if you have to argue your way towards others accepting your point of view today. Keep meetings a little more informal if you want to make an impression.
GEMINI: A sudden infatuation is likely to end just as quickly as it started. This may in some way be connected with professional activities. Could this be a workplace romance? It’s possible if you’re single but precarious if you’re otherwise attached.
CANCER: This is a lively and restless day so you will be busy! Keep moving forward and diligently move projects forward. You can be overly emotional with friends and this may come across as excessive enthusiasm or even possibly egotism.
LEO: Something unexpected, unusual, or surprising occurs now. You experience something unexplainable, perhaps uncanny synchronicity or coincidence. Theres an electric atmosphere of spontaneity, uncertainty, or excitement between and others today.
VIRGO: You can feel a little irritable or jumpy today and mustn’t project this to others. This will make you feel a little insecure over some family member or circumstance which is emerging. You must talk about any uncertainty or concerns you have to put your mind at ease and to ensure the smooth functioning of your family relationships.
LIBRA: You have to re-route your disciplinary instincts today and have some fun. Change your routine for a day or so because this gives you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. You feel as if you’re not being noticed enough.
SCORPIO: Your voice isn’t being heard or you may be misinterpreted. There is too much background “noise” at the moment so misunderstandings occur. You need to step back and remain the objective one in any incident. Reconsider events that led to your current situation.
SAGITTARIUS: Your mind is much more flighty than usual and making a decision will be difficult. You see both sides of a situation now and will swing from one viewpoint to another. If you can’t make up your mind ask the advice of a close friend who may have the solution you need.
CAPRICORN: How much was it that you loaned your friend or was it from them that you borrowed some money? Unless you start keeping accurate records for even the most mundane transactions with friends and family, you’ll find yourself in a state of financial upheaval.
AQUARIUS: You may not feel quite up to others standards right now. You feel as if they are judging you for not being as good as them. This is all in your head and actually not the case at all. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be yourself and keep trying. You have some issues with female co-workers or clients you are dealing with.
PISCES: Today it’s a balance between sensitivity, sentimentality or straight up and down facts when dealing with others. If you let your emotions get in the way of your negotiations, others will see you as a pushover. Be direct and quietly assertive in the way you manage your affairs. You mustn’t let friends dictate the course of events.