Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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31 August 2020

ARIES: Today is about tuning out the negative distractions and focusing on what matters. Making improvements is in focus. You’re exceptionally skilled at understanding current limitations and working around them. Motivation is high right now, especially for health and work matters.

TAURUS: You can begin the day not very focused or decided. However, you come into your own as the day advances. There can be pleasant intensity in some of your interactions. You are patient with people, ideas, and creations, and this respect for the long game brings rewards.

GEMINI: Early day can leave you feeling divided, but as the day progresses, your motivation improves, which boosts your ability to focus. Your communications or thoughts hold increased power and passion. You’re not content to only scratch the surface of an issue, preferring to see things all the way through.

CANCER: Early day can find you a bit listless and it’s not very easy to focus. As the day advances, however, you can feel great to concentrate. You might tap into it to get to the bottom of things. Deep subjects and previously hidden information can figure strongly now.

LEO: Early day, you can feel divided, uncertain which line of thinking to pursue. However, as the day advances, you find it easier to focus and concentrate, and it benefits you greatly to do so. You can be pleasantly busy coming up with interesting ideas or plans.

VIRGO: While you might start the day feeling choppy and unfocused, you become increasingly more determined as the day progresses. People can be drawn to your mental intensity. You might gain information that benefits you greatly, or feedback can be instrumental.

LIBRA: Today’s energies are strong for considering what you might get rid of to help simplify and improve your life going forward. It doesn’t have to be about material things-shedding mental attitudes or habits that no longer serve you can be in focus. or meaningful to share.

SCORPIO: While you might begin the day rather uncertain of your next step, you’re in great shape for communications as the day advances. Revelations related to friendships and special projects can be powerful today and tomorrow.

SAGITTARIUS: While scattered energy may continue early today, you’re in great shape for concentrating on your priorities as the day progresses. You might arrive at a valuable conclusion about a career or money matter. You have an intuitive sense of what’s useful, and you can pinpoint what may not be as essential. Meaningful conversations and positive word of mouth can figure strongly.

CAPRICORN: You may feel inspired by an idea or gain a new understanding of a situation, or learn something that excites you and positively impacts future projects. A new interest or study may be on the horizon. You’re in an excellent position to promote, publish, learn, or present your ideas. You’re also more ambitious and focused on setting goals.

AQUARIUS: Lifestyle changes might be made from today forward. You’re naturally and instinctively attracting the right information, and connections can be advantageous today. The focus should be on strategy and plans of action rather than quick maneuvers.

PISCES: The connections you make or conversations you have can be very revealing and fruitful. The desire to be productive, useful, and helpful is very strong. You might find the motivation to make changes or to pursue a new path that improves your life, which can be as simple as an attitude change in light of recent revelations.