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30th October 2019

ARIES: Work is due for some big changes now but you mustn’t let your emotional reactions cloud the bigger picture. You may be jumping the gun and assuming things that just aren’t the way they actually are. You need to ask questions rather than playing the guessing game.
TAURUS: If you’re planning a new study course or a change in your life direction, it’s important to figure out the best way to make those choices. Often it can be confusing when several choices are equally as attractive.
GEMINI: You are able to look beneath the surface now, much like a detective who has the piece together a mysterious jigsaw draw an important conclusion? Your intuitive processes may have previously been sidelined, so it’s important to re-engage this component of your character to get to the truth.
CANCER: You may be receiving mixed signals from the one you love. But these needn’t be negative influences, just gentle and subtle signals from the universe telling you that you need to connect on a deeper level, rather than keeping your connections superficial.
LEO: You may be worried about the accumulation of debt now. You are projecting and amplifying your fears to a level that may make you feel unwell. It’s time to breathe deeply and take stock of the situation in real terms rather than any imagined concern.
VIRGO: Love is in the air again. You have high expectations for any new relationship or romance that may be on offer. You still need to keep your wits about you, however, as it’s always easy to see the best in others, particularly on first impressions.
LIBRA: You can start to feel good about the space you live in and now is the time to share your energy with others by having dinner parties, get-togethers and even family reunions where you can share your inner satisfaction and successes with them.
SCORPIO: You have a vision for a journey, or foray into new areas of your life. Now is the time to venture forth and make those connections to fulfil these dreams. Your mind is curious, your heart is full of desire and you are able to reach out now to others who may have a common vision which you can share.
SAGITTARIUS: Your professional life continues to offer ample opportunity to further your success. Financial opportunities are equally as good but you have a tendency to overwork now for the sake of achieving your goals single-mindedly.
CAPRICORN: You’re entering a phase of your life where you’ll be tested in terms of your belief systems and how you implement those beliefs on a practical day-to-day level. There’s no point having a belief system that doesn’t work in your day-to-day relationships.
AQUARIUS: The planets make you dreamy, even idealistic about your relationships. There’s no problem in having dreams but you need to keep things practical, with your feet planted firmly on the ground. You’ll be able to make great strides in your relationships particularly if they haven’t lived up to your expectations.
PISCES: You can really enjoy the company of friends now and there may be celebrations due. There’s a tendency to confusion and perhaps two friends on the sidelines causing you some concern. It’s always best to talk about how you feel and not let these issues fester for too long.