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30th October 2018

ARIES: You could get into financial trouble today, but your associates will come forward to the rescue. As the door of opportunity begins to open, you may be tempted to do too much and then find yourself working at a tangent to those around you. You need to share all your hopes as well as worries with your sweetheart.
TAURUS: You find new ways to express yourself in fresh, creative ways. A goal that you’ve been striving to reach finally is within your grasp. Financially, things should be moving right on track, though it could lead you to make some hasty decisions. You feel your partner in love may not be worth the sacrifices you have to make.
GEMINI: This could be a day for self-discovery! You can realise greater potentials, but flexibility in your dealings will play a key part in achieving an important milestone. Travel plans are indicated. The spotlight may also be on domestic issues. Exaggerated compliments from your heartthrob may be rather more than you feel comfortable with.
CANCER: It’s a good time to share your thoughts with well-wishers. You may find it hard to avoid spending money on self-grooming and anyway, you deserve it! Be ready for a demand from your mate to update your living standard as well. Your sweetheart may come up with a strange idea, but it is not as crazy as it first appears.
LEO: A slightly troublesome day, but you can finally get a handle on the situation. You may feel that things are not moving at the pace you like, but be patient and a nagging problem should get sorted out on its own. Don’t let your emotions run on high octane gasoline, as your sweetheart may be unpredictable.
VIRGO: The day could prove a bit overwhelming due to a pesky surge of background activities. You’ll be more discriminating at work, though in a positive way. Your reaction to an important matter could be the result of other peoples opinions. The evening may call for some readjustment in your schedule.
LIBRA: Today you find your inner motives are more powerful than logic. Confrontation is likely with those who haven’t been straight with you. You may not be in a party mood, wanting to spend time instead with paperwork. This could be a day of big accomplishments for you. Be ready to share dreams about future in love.
SCORPIO: You may be in a negative frame of mind today for no apparent reason. Don’t overreact to a comment during a light group discussion and guard against mistakes in judgment. Your quick wit can save you from a financial loss. Your beloved could pop a surprise on you when you least expect it.
SAGITTARIUS: Use your insight for guidance, as you may have to put off a major decision. Lay the foundations of a new way of getting on with difficult people at work. You suddenly find nothing wrong in seeking wild possibilities where romance is concerned.
CAPRICORN: The day has a positive emphasis on your career and a coveted goal is likely to be within your reach. This is the right time to meet with superiors and present those innovative ideas. Your attention moves on to matters concerning your financial security. True love feels it might be developing, as your sweetheart begins to share secrets with you.
AQUARIUS: You may find enough time to devote to a work-related project after all. Today you’re tempted to go overboard tooting your own loud horn. Don’t exaggerate, or you may be frowned upon. Overspending is unavoidable. Work pressure dominates romance and your attitude towards what you want in love is changing now.
PISCES: Connections made by chance play an important role in acquiring a learning experience. You’re unable to resist lending money or possessions to others, however, this is not a good time to do so. Someone from the past comes back into your life. Your love craves more attention and objects to you for spending too much time with friends.