Saturday, February 27, 2021
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30th May 2018

ARIES: Stars gives you extra energy and confidence.Have lunch with someone special to add pleasure to your day; plan to enjoy a brisk walk or bike ride this afternoon. You may be occupied with financial matters this evening, or maybe you’ll meet someone who will change your point of view!
TAURUS: Today, emphasis is on romance and pleasure. Put down your work and get outside and play; your creative juices will be stirred by joyful activity. Spend the next two days or so on vacation no serious work allowed. There will be plenty of time to attend to obligations and duties later.
GEMINI: Today pleasure and creativity could rekindle romance in your life. Exciting things are promised, but don’t start anything you aren’t prepared to finish. Jealousy may raise its ugly head, but children in your life will be a joy.
CANCER: Power struggles come to the surface and light shines on mysteries that were previously hidden… the key is to pay attention to that small, still voice inside you.
LEO: Some of you may hit the financial jackpot. If not the financial jackpot, then perhaps a sexual smorgasbord awaits you this evening. Be open to the bounty of the universe, which can be yours if you proceed in faith and without fear.
VIRGO: As much as you would like to tell a certain someone off today, it’s wiser to bite your tongue. E-mail can come back to haunt you; we all know stories of someone who accidentally sent the wrong memo out to the entire office. If you really must vent, wait until you get home, then tell your partner your woes.
LIBRA: Today stars are urging you to spend quiet moments alone. This is the beginning of a new month, so plan to recharge your spiritual batteries. Surround yourself with people and things in places that are soothing to your soul. Avoid stressful situations and unpleasant, egotistical types.
SCORPIO: Today, your personal magnetism increases and your intellect is firing up. You can benefit from taking a chance or two and the romantic arena might be the best place to start. A day at the races will provide some good opportunities!
SAGITTARIUS: Today you need to practice moderation, even when you are tempted to overindulge and overspend. Resist impulse. You are likely to end up with a credit card hangover if you aren’t careful. If you must indulge in a personal luxury, make it something you can easily afford.
CAPRICORN: Your mind is as sharp as a tack now . The planetary energies are on your side, so any problems at home can be solved by quick thinking on your part. Romantic and artistic opportunities push themselves forward later, much to your surprise!
AQUARIUS: Sudden disagreements are in the air, so keep your lines of communication open. Why not take it easy at home with your love or with someone who listens to you, understands you and is naturally affectionate. A few quiet drinks with friends and family will make the night.
PISCES: Your intuition is very much in evidence ; you may even have the opportunity to save the day. Take the time to groom and preen yourself this morning. You never know who you might meet.