Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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30th July 2019

ARIES: A romance or creative pursuit might be up in the air, as you could question whether it’s truly in line with your ideals or dreams. This is likely very temporary, but the need to adjust either your expectations or your plans can arise now.
TAURUS: Significant decisions about friendships and your personal life are best left for a time when you are clearer and more confident. The temptation can be to escape routine and to choose activities that help you catch a breather from complications.
GEMINI: It’s a good time to satisfy your needs for conversation, learning experiences, and personal contact, but you may want to keep things informal, as some facts can be missing. Adjustments may be necessary on a social level but could steer you towards bigger and better things in the long run.
CANCER: It’s a better time to draw on your imagination for envisioning the things that might help balance your life than it is to implement something new. You’re best off leaving the actual pursuit of these things to a more productive and clear day.
LEO: There’s a small tendency to want to appease others rather than deal with problems today, and enjoying an escape of sorts may be a good idea. However, it’s best to avoid nurturing others’ false beliefs or making promises that you’ll regret fulfilling later on.
VIRGO: Avoid making deals and agreements today and tomorrow, as they may be challenging to fulfill later on. This is a good day for letting go of bad habits and attitudes, however. Reflect, review, and reconsider.
LIBRA: Imagination is powerful, and intuition is possibly a little faulty at the moment. Your urge to escape into fantasy may be equally strong. There can be confusion related to your social life, and there may be problems with distractions getting in the way of work or business.
SCORPIO: The energy around you today could be a little slack, although if you resign yourself to the idea, it can be pleasantly so. It’s not easy to get clear answers. Indeed, there can be some matters that trip you up.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a strong time for incubating ideas, but not the best time to launch them. Some uncertainty or unpredictability in others is likely to be experienced now. This shouldn’t be taken to heart.
CAPRICORN: Distractions can be plenty, particularly social ones, and your mind is inclined to wander. You can be tempted to maneuver your way out of–or around–an unpleasant responsibility now.
AQUARIUS: Avoid nurturing others’ misconceptions, and try not to take promises made now to heart. You can be unsure about whether you can trust your instincts or communicate effectively about a personal matter.
PISCES: It’s not the best time for making plans and expecting them to run along smoothly, so be as flexible as possible. Delays experienced now may be blessings in disguise.