30th July 2018


ARIES: Most of the energies are generally discordant, with a sense of disappointment pervading many things, but stick to your long term intent, for some of the blocks will soon be transformed.
TAURUS: Plenty of things pop up in the way of physical exercise and work, on the job and around the house. You’ll be so busy but there’s no need to get aggressive or overly competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees.
GEMINI: There is a set of mixed messages, but the immediate outcome is highly fortunate for love and cultural pursuits, with the opportunity for your talents to take flight Forget about old grievances, for they will just bring you down.
CANCER: Romantic developments add a feeling of security and purpose to your world. Your own innate sense of harmony and artistic taste is stimulated too. It’s an excellent day to work in with others, whilst cooperative ventures are stabilised.
LEO: You may have to take important decisions regarding domestic matters today. Be careful; trust only those methods that are tried and true when it concerns the welfare of your family. Resolve vexatious issues by consultation. An acquaintance at work can offer valuable suggestions.
VIRGO: Take the time to analyse your responses to current problems. Are you responding positively or negatively? It’s a matter of choice, because you have the ability to turn negative situations around.
LIBRA: Your innermost feelings about your past and family are stirred. This is a good time to take a walk down memory lane. It would be ideal to have friends and family over for a meal
SCORPIO: It’s the day to send signals out to a certain someone, though some unexpected results may pop up later. If you have children, spend quality time with them.
SAGITTARIUS: You will be able to express yourself well in words and surprising discoveries in the local area could prove valuable.
CAPRICORN: Use this time to brainstorm, as your ideas are likely to be inspired. Creativity is high today, especially in the more technical fields. Problems can be solved more easily if you stand back from them for while. Take a walk in the park for a new perspective.
AQUARIUS: This may end up being one of those days you wish you had stayed in bed, but if you rise to the challenge you really can get a lot accomplished. Try not to let little things frustrate you. Choose your battles wisely and focus your energy.
PISCES: Tension runs high today Many will be at odds with a partner about the best way to do things. You may be taking an overly- conservative point of view, so try to at least be open to different viewpoints.