Monday, July 26, 2021
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30th death anniversary of A Z Phizo

30 years ago, on this day the Nagas came to a standstill in the long struggle for independence. Questions were asked, as to who will lead us, how our movement will continue, while at the same time wondering how to bring back the body of our great leader A.Z. Phizo to his beloved home land. To cut the story short, it was God’s providence which removed all hurdles and to make a smooth passage for his body to come from a foreign land to the land he belong to for his final rest.
All praise, be to God.
The event that followed was not of despair, because of a foundation which he had laid, a foundation so strong that no power or weapon on earth could destroy. This foundation was based on love for all fellow being, and to live at peace and harmony with all our neighbors, while maintaining our right to self determination. We have come a long way, sometime quite weary, but we have not given up hope. Because one day differences that divides our family will pass away like a bad dream, and we will all live as a proud nation.
As we gather here on this ground, we stand before a Naga leader who has made for himself not a mansion to rest, an estate to enjoy his life, nor a bank balance to help the family he had left behind, but till his last breath stood firm, and unwavering of his belief. A belief for which you and I are able to walk with others, shoulder to shoulder, not to bow down our head in shame, on fear of any adversaries but holding on to our hope for freedom, justice and life to all. We do not really know where we go from here tomorrow, but holding unto own faith in God our Creator, we shall not let our hope die, but to live the life for which our Creator has made us for.
Let us all be proud for a leader to emulate in the life such as late A.Z. Phizo.
Speech delivered by Pheluopfelie Kesiezie, Convenor, Phizo Graveyard (P.G.) Committee.

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