30th August 2018


ARIES: Don’t count on sensible communication today, even though you are glittering with glamour and an aura of divine glitz. Others, attracted for reasons they don’t quite understand, want to help and protect you.
TAURUS: The emphasis shifts away from work to the role of others in your life. The contribution of your partner or spouse and even your open opponents comes to the fore. Disruptive elements make their presence felt, as disagreements over shared financial commitments hit the wall.
GEMINI: The day calls for the celebration, so get out and kick up your heels. You might have been suffering some angst because nagging issues have been bugging you, finances in particular. Get it together. So what if everything is less than perfect? In the long run, who cares about that.
CANCER: This is the perfect day to try new things. You are likely to feel popular and in demand too. People from different backgrounds can teach you a great deal about world culture, so pay attention to your global network.
LEO: As much as you would rather just have fun, many of you will have a responsibility today. You’ll need to focus on the job at hand. Government contracts are favoured and financial issues can ease, especially if connected with big institutions.
VIRGO: Peace is hard to find, and some people seem to prefer war. Let peace begin with you today. Your patience may be tested by the folly and selfishness, even the deception of others. If someone wants to start a fight, just say ‘Be blessed, my friend’ and walk away. And mean it.
LIBRA: Keep a lighthearted attitude at work, as the inspirations you feel may not always be well-received by the higher-ups. It gets a bit depressing later in the day, but this will soon improve as the evening draws nigh. Your ideas will multiply and artistic concepts may come to you, but the weekend will be more to your liking.
SCORPIO: Setting your sights on far horizons will cheer you now. There is so much waiting for you out there that it may be hard to choose your next goal. Finding a way to express yourself more fully is something that all Water Bearers should consider. After all, this is the dawning of your age, so make the most of it.
SAGITTARIUS: You may feel like curling up with a good book on your favourite couch today because cosy and comfy is just what you need. Unfortunately, the duty may call Try not to argue with family members over petty matters and strive to see the love and beauty in little things.
CAPRICORN: News from abroad may be delayed or lost. Publishing projects may have to be temporarily shelved. Those of you involved in higher education may be frustrated by red tape… just take a deep breath and have patience.
AQUARIUS: You may have to bite your tongue today. What you say can, and will, be used against you. To avoid bad gossip karma, resist joining the sharks at the water cooler. It’s a delicious time for romance with a fascinating foreigner who is irresistibly drawn to you, so act out your fantasies tonight.
PISCES: Unstable conditions surround your income and finances, so money may be gained and lost and even gained again. Don’t act rashly, or you may regret it. The major influence, however, is not concerned solely with money and material wealth; it covers whatever you value, and that includes relationships.