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30th April 2019

ARIES: Buoyed with confidence, you embrace the moment even as you throw yourself into the uncertain future. You aren’t sure what’s going to come next – and no one else is, either – but the stars ensures that you’re ready for just about anything. What may seem like completely spontaneous decisions are actually coming from knowledge deep within you.
TAURUS: Get down and focus on the task that need to be done. Take care of nagging details. Adopt an expansive mood for problem solving and see the possibilities in everything rather than the difficulties. Get active with communications and make sure everyone who needs to know or hear does so.
GEMINI: An honest assessment of the financial situation will find many adopting a stricter budget or even seeking the input of a financial adviser. Although you are quietly confident about solving your concerns without the assistance of others, you will crave contact and have rather lofty desires to explore new cultures, or even partake in a spiritual experience.
CANCER: You might be able to do it on your own, but why fly solo if you don’t have to? There are plenty of people waiting in the wings who would be more than happy to assist you. If you like results, this is your prime time. Expect high performance from your helpers as well as clients and business partners.
LEO: There is absolutely no reward for coming second now: you need to be first out of the gate if you hope to make any real progress. An important relationship is in a state of flux. Think about others as well as yourself. There’s a lot to do, but you should be able to accomplish everything on your list if you plan things in advance.
VIRGO: Prepare for some disruption, or a change of state in personal interactions; a familiar face may be absent, or high emotion will crackle in the air. Plans or arrangements with someone close may not work out, as schedules clash, communications go awry, or unexpected events intervene.
LIBRA: You aren’t exactly a model team player as you are highly individual, but that’s okay. There’s a certain amount of dignity in striking out on your own. You may be facing an uncertain future, but you won’t be lonely. It’s an existential thing – our brave new world is a little different for everyone who experiences it.
SCORPIO: Any side of the bed feels like the wrong side this morning, so you might as well stay where you are. The other option (and perhaps the more reasonable) is to leave the house in full battle gear. Clearly it would be easier to have a day of rest, but if that isn’t possible, you must find a way to persevere.
SAGITTARIUS: An extraordinary idea will come to you early on, you genius you. But you still need to take the views of your life, or your partner, into consideration where financial deals are concerned, especially if the responsibility is to be shared. A shift in financial obligations has already begun.
CAPRICORN: Even the most ambitious people need to relax sometimes, What’s the harm in letting yourself go for just one day? Some wonderful new idea might appear when your brain isn’t too stressed to recognize it. If you can’t call in sick, delegate as much work as possible. Avoid overtime at all costs.
AQUARIUS: Do something to surprise yourself or someone else today. Why not try something different for a change? Don’t be afraid to go where no one has gone before; even if you don’t like the result, other people’s expressions of delight will make it all worthwhile. Someone close to you loves that you’re unpredictable.
PISCES: Tell others what they want to hear, but not to the point of telling an outright lie. Take extra care to be sincere, because sooner or later your stretches of the truth are going to catch up with you. As the day progresses, starry-eyed potential and hardheaded reality begin falling into line. It’s possible to achieve your goals and stay true to yourself, but you might have to go out of your way to do it.