Saturday, May 15, 2021
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30 September 2020

ARIES: Today you could find yourself taking on a mentoring or teaching role. You could have a friend who is struggling to keep up, and needs your encouragement. Find out where the problem lies; they might just be intimidated by a specific task or third party.

TAURUS: It may be hard for you to relate to others today on certain levels. More than likely, their point of view makes very little sense based on the way you see things. Perhaps you need to open your eyes a little wider. Take a more analytical approach in your argument.

GEMINI: You are liable to find people overly aggressive today. Of course, you are an expert at avoiding confrontation. Your ability to soar above almost any unpleasantness keeps you apart from the barbarians below. However, the day ahead contains issues about your future that are likely to interest you.

CANCER: Join up with others, because if you don’t, you may find yourself floundering. You are more than likely going to need the assistance of others to help you up on the raft and keep you afloat. Otherwise, indecision may plague you and you will sit there rotting away because you can’t make up your mind about a certain thing.

LEO: Your zodiac generally tends come up with the perfect witty answer one day too late. Impulse and intuition take a back seat to their excellent self-control. The day ahead is an opportunity to let go of the inhibitions that characterize you. Yield to your instincts a little, and see what occurs.

VIRGO: This is a good day to open your mind to new ways of looking at things. Sometimes you can be too traditional and you tend to dislike change. You can be more than a little stubborn at times! Today you can’t let fear or ego blind you to the possibilities.

LIBRA: Today, you may be weary of the philosophical treatises you thought were an integral part of your nature. It’s great having a library full of important literature, but all those books have left no room for friends, family, and simple pleasurable pursuits. Suddenly, all your intellectual pursuits have left you feeling sterile and empty.

SCORPIO: Today you might find that you’re interested in furthering your education, so consider signing up for a course that will add to your skills. You may enjoy picking up some new talents or obtaining an advanced degree! Consider all options carefully, then make your move.

SAGITTARIUS: There is some likelihood of a slight conflict today. You may have to deal with someone who treads on your toes or runs roughshod over your gentle nature. Rather than getting upset or indignant, defend yourself with your favorite Sagittarius weapons: silence, laughter, and perspective.

CAPRICORN: You may need to hold your tongue today. People’s feelings are much more easily hurt at this time and the slightest criticism could be misinterpreted as a terrible insult. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut. Turn your attention inward and focus on your own emotions.

AQUARIUS: Today can be a relaxing day, provided you make the necessary effort to deal with material constraints. You would like nothing better than to spend much of the day planning fun activities for the future. But, alas, demands from your partner, children, or boss force you to concentrate instead on the “here and now.”

PISCES: Your mind is full of passion today and you may be feeling more sentimental than usual. What’s difficult is that there might not be an appropriate time to express this emotion as fully as you’d like to. Try to navigate the waters toward a safe place where the people around you support you.