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30 July 2020

ARIES: You have a desire to protect your ideas. This is a time when you don’t want nasty endings to your associations commercially, so protect what’s yours and don’t be afraid to get others to sign on the dotted line to confirm these facts.

TAURUS: Your communications are constructive so don’t let others deter you from great ideas. Your mind is on work matters but there are challenges even if others see the sense behind your actions. Annoying people are obstructing your proposals.

GEMINI: You’re worrying too much about money rather than trusting the universe. It’s not a bad idea to withdraw from the world for a while. Analyse your relationships and the way you want to live your life on your terms.

CANCER: It’s a great time to reconnect with the one you love. Consolidate your ideals. Are you both on the same page? Comparing your relationship to others isn’t a good idea. Measuring yours against the social scene or others’ relationships undermines the good work you’ve done together.

LEO: You’ll be feeling buoyant, humorous and curious about life during this current cycle. You are ready to see more of the world. Get your bucket list up-to-date. You feel as if you’ve been living in a bubble. You need to spread your wings and fly.

VIRGO: You could be trying up things on some work project. If you’ve had sleepless nights or stressful bouts with clients, the next couple of days is better karma. Your efforts should start circle round back to you. Your social life is about to take a turn for the better as well.

LIBRA: Work, work, work! You have so much to do but your heart isn’t in it. You need to stagger your workload now or you’ll end up in an emotional ditch. Because you’re not enjoying what you’re doing it’s eroding your peace of mind.

SCORPIO: You’re feeling significant shifts in your personality and the way you deal with others. This has to affect your day-to-day affairs and relationships. On a deeper level, it reflects deeper and more significant changes. You’re at a crossroads in your life and looking at better ways to fulfil your dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: Getting back into the swing of work is of paramount now. It’s important to get your life back on track. Money’s coming in, but going out even faster. Are you living beyond your means? This also entails some concern over just how much debt you should dive into.

CAPRICORN: You’ll be inspired by a colleague to achieve some great success in your work. Are you up to the task? It seems that others have more confidence in your capabilities than you. You’ll be concerned about taking a risk.

AQUARIUS: You want to practically apply the insights you’ve gained from new friends. It’s okay but you must be arrogant in your workplace. This’ll undermine your stability and support from others. You might think you’ve gained the upper hand by learning something new.

PISCES: Profits should be up because others are supportive of your work and you are more productive. You’re able to capitalise on ideas. Even if you don’t have the financial support you prefer behind you, your own efforts will take you far.