Monday, January 25, 2021

30 from Nagaland in NE shelter homes in Chennai

Dimapur, April 3: Due to the nationwide lockdown, hundreds of Northeast people in the unorganized sector in Chennai have lost their jobs making it difficult for them to get food and shelter in a metro city like Chennai. Some have even faced racial discrimination and harassment to even vacate the locality.
With the initiative of the North East India Welfare Association Chennai (NEIWAC), the Chennai City Cooperation and Tamilnadu State Government have set up two Northeast shelter homes in Alandur zone Chennai with free food, medical facilities and transportation. So far there are 93 NE people including 30 from Nagaland taking shelter in these two facilities. There are also many NE people including from Nagaland without food surviving with the support initiated by NEIWAC in different places in Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Salem.
“We have requested the Tamilnadu CM and Chennai City Cooperation Commissioner to set up a separate shelter home for the northeast people because of the safety and security of the people as well as the impending economic crisis of the people particularly in the unorganized sector in the city,” said Wapangtoshi, President NEIWAC in a release.
“I’m again concerned about the life of the workers in the unorganized sector after the lockdown, where and how they will find job. Moreover, if they want to go back home unless the respective governments provide them assistance for travel tickets it’ll be difficult. Therefore, the Northeast States governments must do something for these people because they are our brothers and sisters,” he said.
Meanwhile, NEIWAC after having meeting with A k Vishwanathan, Chennai City Police Commissioner, Thirunavakkarasu DCP (IS) Chennai,Samson AIGP (Law and Oder) Tamilnadu NE Nodal Officer, Sankaralingam ACP (IS) Chennai NE Nodal Officer and other police officials identified 18 places in Chennai that have a significant northeast population. Security measures have been taken by the police, especially in these localities to make sure the racism menace is curbed.
Further, the Chidambaram area police under Cuddalore district was alerted by the Tamilnadu police headquarters on racial discrimination against NE people where around 45 students from northeast are staying after receiving a report from the NEIWAC president on April 3. (Page News Service)