Saturday, January 16, 2021
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30 Auto drivers of Dimapur leave for Bihar in Autorickshaws

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Dimapur, May 16: Unable to bear the hardship and being pushed to abject poverty due to the current lockdown in the state amidst COVID-19 pandemic, at least 30 Autorickshaw Drivers today left for Bihar with their families driving their autorickshaws. The group crossed Nagaland Checkgate at around 12 noon
A video of the Autorickshaw drivers went viral on Whatsapp where one can see a member of the Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union (DDDA) narrating the woes of migrant auto drivers of Bihar, who were trying to reach their native villages by driving their autorickshaws with their families.
It was not known how these Autorickshaws were permitted to cross the Assam-Nagaland border with so many people.
However, when contacted, DDADU President, Tito Yepthomi confirmed the incident to Nagaland Page and said that the Whatsapp message is authentic. He also supported the 30 Bihar auto drivers of Dimapur, who started their journey today to reach their native place.
He said that during the 50 days of lockdown, the auto drivers along with other migrant labourers had been subjected to immense hardships and poverty as there was no income source for them, besides they were not receiving proper relief measures, so 30 of them planned to leave Dimapur along with their families in their autorickshaws. They cross the Nagaland gate today at around 12 noon, he confirmed.
According to sources, the Union wished them safe journey and DDADU president, on behalf of the Auto Union provided them Rs 500 each to buy water and snacks on their way to Bihar.
The Union President also asked them to return back to Nagaland after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.
Yepthomi appealed to everyone in different states of India to support them with tea and snacks during their journey and to further call him at his number 7005041574 and also added that any Samaritans willing to help the auto drivers families can directly contact the DDADU office or can contact him at his number.
When queried on their present location, Tito Yepthomi said he is constantly updating and presently he is unaware of their location but assured to keep reaching them. (Page News Service)