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30 August 2020

ARIES: You feel like making exciting plans because your imagination’s in overdrive. Enjoy that burst of intellectual energy. You’ll find yourself in some interesting conversations surrounding romance. Love is neither not an ‘either’ or’ scenario but a careful balancing act.

TAURUS: You have to perform magic to get through the day. Don’t let others steer you off the path you’ve set yourself. A social engagement or business meeting, it’s an either’or situation. If you’re single and looking for love hanging around and waiting for it to fall into your lap means you’re doomed to failure.

GEMINI: Don’t get caught in the middle of others’ financial wrangles. Miscommunication about who owes what to who creates tension you don’t need now. It’s best to avoid lending or borrowing money. Your responses should be respectful but straight to the point.

CANCER: Today involves wiping away someone’s tears or at least compassionately extending a helping hand. People need your support at this time. Talking to family members won’t be easy especially if sensitive topics start being rehashed.

LEO: You may have to manage people temporarily, especially those you normally work with. You’ll feel uncomfortable in doing so. Put aside personal feelings and execute your responsibilities skilfully with pride. You’re not aiming to score brownie points but you’ll surprise everyone with your results.

VIRGO: It’s a constructive time but try to remain focused to extract the most out of life. Don’t allow others to deter you from your objectives. Don’t become obsessive. Intensity’s one thing, but compulsion is another. Balance your work with family needs.

LIBRA: You feel weird today because of too little sleep or not looking after yourself generally. You may be doing too many unnecessary things at this time. Keep yourself on an even keel. Tread the middle path. You don’t feel as if your desires fit in with your usual peer group and their expectations.

SCORPIO: You need some guidance to brighten your spirit. This comes by way of a book, a documentary, YouTube video or some chance event. Any of these can act as a ‘teacher’. You could have some astral or dream experiences that are difficult to understand.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re more concerned and sensitive to disagreements or progression in your environment and personal relationships. You’re inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. This is your way of avoiding potential disputes.

CAPRICORN: Right now, the lesson is about ebb and flow, the yin and yang of life. Balance has to take place if you’re to effectively enjoy the fruits of your success. It isn’t enough to make a name for yourself or to amass a large amount of money. Learn the simple joys that are part of your path at present.

AQUARIUS: Someone may inspire you today, but you must break free of some of your personal limitations and bias. Doing this one be that easy. You’re not seeing the world as it is at present. It’s hard with all the fake news. Stop overlaying own fears and expectations on the situation.

PISCES: You react quickly to offence today, even harmless statements that don’t mean much. You are feeling attacked without provocation. Emotions are close to the surface and you’re likely to respond spontaneously to your ordinary everyday environment.