Tuesday, March 9, 2021

3 villages from Phek distribute truckloads of organic green veggies in Kohima

free vegKohima, April 29: The Chakhesang churches in Kohima today distributed free organic vegetables supplied by three villages – Thevopisu, Khulazu Basa, and Porba under Phek district.
The three villages understanding the limited access to local vegetables during this lockdown period brought mini-truck and tata mobile filled with varieties of organic vegetables (mostly wild), to distribute it to denizens of Kohima for free at their expense.
These villages started off with their journey at wee hours today and travelled for hours to reach Kohima. Upon reaching the state capital, they entrusted the Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill, Kohima (CBCMHK) and Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima to distribute the vegetables at various location like Phoolbari and Police Headquarter Junction, besides distributing to 16 colonies.
Senior pastor at CBCMHK, Rev. Dr. Vevo Phesao, who prayed before distributing of vegetables at PHQ junction said that such services is humanity at its best.
Almost every day, villagers from Phek district are coming with truckload of vegetables and the church is distributing it to different colonies.
Today, he said, the three villages came with trucks of organic vegetables and residents from different colonies have come to collect their shares while also maintaining social distancing.
He thanked the villages who have come forward to town dwellers and added that many churches around Kohima are doing humanitarian works.
Meanwhile, the CBCMHK have also reached out to nearly 200 households during this lockdown period. “In a time such as this we are going through such a difficult time but our message is-we have hope in the Lord,” he said.
One of the village members from Khulazu Basa village, Sekhoyi Chuzho said that they have started their journey along with one mini truck and a tata mobile loaded with vegetables at 3AM. He said that about 280 people from the village went to the forest to collect the vegetables, while about 60 others helped in binding, arranging and make ready for distribution.
Around 15 different varieties of vegetables including banana stem, eatable ferns, fish mint, sour leaves etc, were collected. The vegetables were then given to the Chakhesang church to distribute further, he added.
A resident of Kohima who received her share of relief thanked the churches and villagers for distributing vegetables for free, when going outside to the market and finding of local vegetables have become challenging. (Page News Service)