Saturday, July 24, 2021

3 Soil Testing Laboratories to be set up in Dimapur

Kikheto soil testing

Dimapur, November 16: Agriculture Production Commissioner, Y Kikheto Yepthomi visited District Soil Conservation Office, Dimapur to review the setting up of 3 laboratories coming up in Dimapur establishment under Soil Health Management program of “National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture,” Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare during 2019-20. One of each Soil Testing Laboratory (STL), Bio-fertilizer Quality Control Laboratory (BQCL) and Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratory (FQCL) are coming up to be commissioned shortly by the end of this year.

He said, “The successful establishment of these laboratories will be a Christmas gift to the people of Nagaland which will revolutionize the agriculture trend in the state, a modern vibrant emerging technology for the sustainable traditional organic hill agriculture.”
While interacting with Departmental officials he was particularly concerned for the trained personnel available in the Department, particularly, for handling of such sophisticated equipment such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS).
He advised the Departmental officials to arrange intensive training program from the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Pusa, New Delhi and Indian Institute of Soil Sciences (IISS), Bhopal which can be taken up under RKVY program, so that the young talented officers of the Department should not be lacking in this scientific undertaking.
He said that after the laboratories are set up in all the districts, the Agri & Allied Departments would insist on Soil Health Card (SHC) from the farmers to implement any schemes as one cannot afford to go on farming without knowing the status of the soil. Realizing this eminent issue, the government is planning to install mini STL’s in all 74 blocks of the state so as to provide SHC’s to the doorsteps of our farming communities.
In addition to static STL’s, the government is also contemplating to procure 3 mobile STL’s in the coming year to reach even the remotest and inaccessible villages. Likewise, to maintain the health of the soil and prevent soil health deterioration, the government will provide micronutrients to the farmers after getting the soil tested in the AAS. For the macronutrients, secondary nutrients and other amendments, various measures are being taken care of.

Furthermore, in order to be self-sufficient, the government is anticipating to set up bio fertilizer production units in certain strategic locations to not only attend to the needs of the local populace but also export our organic products outside the state.
With regard to BQCL and FQCL, in the future, all the Fertilizers and Bio fertilizers crossing Dimapur should get tested from these laboratories to ascertain whether the prescribed quality content is fulfilled. For which, these laboratories should be able to certify the products to pass through any check posts throughout the state.
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