Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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3 September 2020

ARIES: You’re able to weather the storm of life right now even though events and people are hemming you in. Most of these challenges relate to your family and relatives. They have a completely different concept of who you are and what you should be doing.

TAURUS: The expectation that you approve a friend’s behaviour is unreasonable. You shouldn’t be connected to anyone you don’t feel morally comfortable with. Discussions become heated as you beg to differ with those trying to enforce their will on you.

GEMINI: This should end up being more of a social sort of day but you mustn’t cut corners as this will impact your work. Initiate outings by making a call to someone first. If you’re waiting for them it could be a long time. Pressures are easing now after a considerable time.

CANCER: More pressures are stacking up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’re in a much better place now and will handle what life has to dish out. Practice definitely makes perfect. By meeting your challenges head-on they become easier over time.

LEO: Tried and tested methods are frustrating and don’t work any longer. You’re either not using them methods correctly or you want a new creative angle. You have to be intelligent enough to know when the tools you’re using our appropriate for the specific problem you’re dealing with.

VIRGO: Your partner is impulsive and this might rock the boat in your relationship. Pay more attention to the way they’re handling your finances. If you’re progressive you’ll welcome financial change. On the other hand, if you’re holding on to traditional values and expecting things remain as they always have, expect some challenges.

LIBRA: Rosy relationships can sometimes be a problem because you run the risk of becoming complacent. There’s a need to rejuvenate your relationship from the inside out. Be vigilant even if things seem to be going well. Don’t stop working at improving your love life.

SCORPIO: There’s a cooling-off in your romantic life. It may be that you see this as a negative development. It could actually work to your advantage if you’re able to clarify your partner’s needs. Both of you need to improve things by initiating mutual respect.

SAGITTARIUS: You can easily predict financial trends just now. You should use that information as leverage to better yourself economically. If someone else makes better profits based on your input be sure to get a cut of the spoils. The people around you today are unstable and this is cause for concern.

CAPRICORN: Your professional ideals are changing. This could have a lot to do with some of the progressive thinkers you’re associating with currently. You’re starting to realise that work isn’t simply all to do with money. It’s also about satisfaction and creative expression.

AQUARIUS: Mixing friends and money isn’t a good idea under the current planetary transits. You may, however, be able to pull off something without straining friendships. You feel generous but impulsively so. Ratify terms and conditions even if it’s not a large amount at stake.

PISCES: You have command of your environment right now. You could even be somewhat militant in the way you want to get things done. Sometimes, lazy people lacking energy or initiative need a kick in the pants. It seems as if you’ll be the one to do that now.