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3 July 2020

ARIES: Matters of the home and heart are amalgamated now. You realise that unless you have everything sorted out on the home front, you’re not going to be peaceful in yourself. This entails deep and prolonged navel-gazing, sometimes known as meditation.

TAURUS: Ideally, you’re using this period to stitch together a summary of concepts you’ve been interested in for some time. Be a good editor. Let go of excess details. They only limit your imagination. Your conversations aren’t likely to be superficial right now.

GEMINI: Today’s an excellent day for the planets to support your partnerships. You have a greater connection to the emotional needs of your partner. Any dilemma or problem in your love life is easily solved during this cycle. Again, this is best done by tapping into how your lover feels.

CANCER: It’s a given that success breeds success. The question is, what are you doing to breed your own success? Are you ready to take strides towards regaining your lost power and/or possessions? Can you do it without cutting others down? Temper optimism with pragmatism.

LEO: At the moment, you feel like a fish out of water, socially. You have a greater need to develop your intellect, but feel disconnected from your peer group. It’s as if they are pulling your emotional and mental security strings.

VIRGO: Sometimes, worrying about the pennies and the cents cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture. You could have completely forgotten that you’re destined for bigger and better financial things. You mustn’t become petty over money matters.

LIBRA: An event may require considerable travel, even though it’s not that far away. Traffic, last-minute changes and other confusing directions, make the journey longer than necessary. Communicating your perspective on life triggers interesting conversations with someone of like interests.

SCORPIO: Concerns about money can undermine your physical well-being. You’re worrying about finances at a time when you have a perfect doorway opening in this area of your life. Whatever difficulties arise now, will in fact, cement your position. It could be that you’re refining your wisdom at this time.

SAGITTARIUS: Your imagination is in overdrive. Enjoy a burst of intellectual energy. You’ll be participating in some interesting activities today. Love is also a careful balancing act today. If you appear totally satisfied, this might be the wrong signal to send. You’ll trigger a stronger initiative in others somehow.

CAPRICORN: Your mind is open and the vision of yourself is changing with the world around you. This is one of those times when unexpected diversions from your original plan occur. Strangely, this leads you to better, more wide-open spaces.

AQUARIUS: As long as you’re in control, you’ll get a lot done today. Even though you achieve anything you put your mind to, you’re a little weary. This starts a period of professional inquiry. You want to keep your options open. This is a good time to do so.

PISCES: You are constructive in your work today. Don’t let your mind become heavy as a result of psychic thieves. They’re all around you. Protect your integrity by keeping to yourself. Don’t buy into the backstabbing and time eroding gossip. You’ll be drained dealing with unhelpful people.