3 High Courts get 17 new judges

New Delhi, October 12: In a record of sorts, 17 new judges were on Tuesday appointed to three high courts.
This is the third set of appointments after the Supreme Court collegium recommended various names last month to the government.

Those appointed as judges to the Allahabad, Madras and Gauhati high courts include 15 advocates and two judicial officers.
While eight judges were appointed to the Allahabad High Court, five were appointed to the Gauhati High Court. Four judges were appointed to the Madras High Court.
Separately, three additional judges of the Gauhati High Court were elevated as permanent judges.
The Department of Justice in the Law Ministry issued separate lists of the new appointments as well as the elevations.
People aware of the procedure of appointment to the higher judiciary said that in the recent past, so many judges have not been appointed in a single day.
Between August 8 and September 1, the apex court collegium had processed over 100 names recommended by various high courts and had finally sent 68 names to the government for appointment as judges to 12 high courts.
Later, more names were sent to the government.
On October 11, three advocates and two judicial officers were elevated as judges of the Rajasthan High Court.
On October 9, eight judges were elevated as chief justices of high courts and five high court chief justices were transferred based on recommendations made by the Supreme Court collegium.
In a separate development, seven judges were on October 11 transferred to different high courts.
On October 5, as many as 15 judges of 11 high courts were transferred.

The transfers were recommended by the Supreme Court collegium last month. (PTI)