3 February 2020


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ARIES: If you’ve been plagued by tension, as a result of being alone or disconnected socially, you can turn that around now. You’ll be happy to re-establish friendships and call those people who’ve been out of touch with you. Get back into the social slipstream.
TAURUS: Don’t allow trivial tensions on the domestic front to ruffle your feathers today. Take the necessary measures to reach out and build bridges rather than destroying them. If you find yourself in a reactive groove personality-wise, it’s best to get out, go for a walk and clear your head.
GEMINI: A brief journey can open the door of opportunity today. You may meet people who have ideas and connections that will further your business interests. You must, however, take care of your health, and if a cooler climate, stay warm and avoid extremes in temperature changes.
CANCER: Joint ventures and group activities go well. If you’re looking at a business opportunity these collaborative initiatives are likely to do well and to yield some good profitability and future. You’re in the mood to take a risk but this should be done only after you have all the available information at hand.
LEO: A lack of sunlight may be the cause of worry or negative feelings. You must get exercise and reconnect with nature in some way. This will revitalise your body, mind and spirit. This will restore your confidence in yourself and the path you are carving out for your future.
VIRGO: Sometimes you have to force yourself into a new perspective or a better sense of self. If you take account of what happened in your life, it’s quite likely for the most part, there’s been more good than bad. As the saying goes, you can look at the glass half full or half empty.
LIBRA: Don’t let your imagination get the better of you. You may be perceiving rivalry where there is none. Keep your head down on your backside up, work hard and reach the goals you’ve set. Don’t be distracted by these imaginary projections.
SCORPIO: Don’t fall into the trap of being attracted to superficial beauty. This coast objects as much as people. Often what appears desirable is not quite as good once you dig down deeper. There is an old saying which has to do with disciplining yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are overly sensitive to the dictates of others, you’re going to become a slave to them. Following orders is nothing to push back against nor to retaliate over. Only someone who has learned the lesson of service can ultimately command.
CAPRICORN: It’s good to know that you will be on better terms with your nearest and dearest but don’t allow others to interfere in your personal affairs. This will only erode the good work of the previous months. By devoting more time to the ones you love you will feel an increased closeness with them.
AQUARIUS: You want to improve your physical health and muscular tone. You must do more aerobic exercise and sporting activities that stimulate blood flow and make you sweat. This is cleansing to the skin and also clarifying to the mind. Work on a program so that your discipline is consistent.
PISCES: Although some changes in your professional arena seem to be disturbing at first, you’ll realise that there is some good about to emerge. Don’t be afraid of you stormy events on the work front. There may be some shakeup which removes some people also creates a space which may be perfect for you to fill.