Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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2nd September 2020

ARIES: Problem-solving comes very easily to you today as you look at practical matters in a new light. A solution can come to you seemingly out of the blue, although it’s probably been with you in the past. You may not have been tuned in, and now you are.
TAURUS: A buried relationship problem can emerge and demand attention, or a friend may need your help. As you release your feelings, you’re likely to feel purged and empowered. Your eyes open to something that you’ve been avoiding or pushing aside.
GEMINI: You may even awaken your mind to a dream path that motivates you in a new direction. Emotions can be hard to contain. While there can be some feelings of frustration, these are likely to be minor hurdles, and it becomes effortless to let go of frustrations as the day advances.
CANCER: Information can come to light that changes your perspective about a matter, and emotions run high. It’s a time to get in touch with your needs and feelings. The desire to expand your mind is strong. Opportunities can come from or through friends and communications.
LEO: Emotions can run high with money, personal belongings, and basic values. There can be a significant financial move or a revelation in an intimate relationship. An opportunity might arise that helps you break free from restrictive circumstances, eventually leading to more freedom.
VIRGO: While it’s an important time for pouring energy into your personal plans and interests, generally speaking, you can benefit from the support of (or attention to) special people in your life. It’s a time of blossoming emotions and full exposure. Something surfaces that brings buried feelings to the surface, a relationship to a turning point, or a push to improve your life.
LIBRA: A deadline, incoming news, or the need to attend to work or an appointment can emerge now. It’s best to seek balance and compromise by considering what’s healthy for you, both mentally and physically. You could feel quite happy about your discoveries as feelings, sometimes surprising ones, emerge from deep within.
SCORPIO: You may receive special attention for your creativity or your ideas now. Instead, this could be about recognizing feelings for a person or a situation. You might arrive at an epiphany, a blooming of a project, or the final word on a matter. New information or a burst of emotion can prompt a turning point.
SAGITTARIUS: Finding a balance between your public and private worlds can come into focus. While you’ve been especially attuned to your responsibilities to the outside world, this lunation reminds you to pay more attention to your needs for safety, comfort, family, or familiarity. There can be a heightened awareness of a personal problem that requires changes.
CAPRICORN: If you’ve recently been inattentive to some details or daily affairs, it’s now time to take care of things. It’s time to lobby for a better balance between things you need to do to keep your life in order and those things that feed your spirit and take you away from the daily grind. A project might reach a head.
AQUARIUS: A financial or ownership matter might come to light or fruition, or an emotional or relationship matter might reach a turning point. Either way, this lunation tends to bring you closer to how you feel about a situation. You might become more aware of your money situation or resources, and ideas for making improvements are excellent.
PISCES: A personal revelation can occur now, making this a powerful time for self-awareness. You might recognize your true feelings about an issue, which can set you on a new path. Discoveries about your life plan or outlook can be significant now. This can also be a time when a close relationship makes headlines in your life.